5G is tested on a balloon called ‘SAM’ to check safety in humans?

15 April 2021 Michael Moore Email: michael.moore@ssetvnews.com

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This is the standard of safety the authorities use to test of 5G is safe for humans, One takes a Balloon and fills it with water, then see if it heats up over 1 (one) degree. If not then that 5G is considered safe. There has been no change in this safety check since the nineties.

This is the abysmal level of safety used by the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority). The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is the independent statutory authority tasked with ensuring most elements of Australia's media and communications legislation, related regulations, and numerous derived standards and codes of practice operate effectively and efficiently, and in the public.

“This latest cellular technology, 5G, will employ millimetre waves for the first time in addition to microwaves that have been in use for older cellular technologies, 2G through 4G. Given limited reach, 5G will require cell antennas every 100 to 200 meters, exposing many people to millimetre wave radiation. 5G also employs new technologies (e.g., active antennas capable of beam-forming; phased arrays; massive multiple inputs and outputs, known as massive MIMO) which pose unique challenges for measuring exposures.”

“Today is an extremely concerning day in Australia [with] the advancement of the Fifth Generation (5G) roll-out”, campaigners We Are Not Sam said. “What the mainstream media ought to be reporting on is the fact that Big Telco are moving ahead with experimental millimetre wave technology against the will of the people!

They are not wrong.

It look like the ACMA does not to care about what is used in the spectrums once they are sold, or even the specifications surrounding how those things would be used. So long as they can make their billions of dollars ‘selling’ their licences and their soul.

Check out this blatant free-for-all ‘flexibility’ from our so-called ‘watchdog’:

“The 26 GHz band spectrum license has inherent flexibility that allows winning bidders to choose how they deploy service in the spectrum they win. Licensees are able to determine the services they deliver and the technology they employ.

They may accommodate the operation of a particular standard (or even non-standard equipment) at a particular location and frequency, depending on the total bandwidth and area of the spectrum licence that a bidder has acquired.”

This means it is a free for all and safety standards are out the window. It “…shows an alarming disregard for the Precautionary Principle in relation to the public’s exposure to wireless radiation,…” and sums up ACMA’s lack of care for accountability in it’s obsessive taste for money.

The 26-GHz band was a millimetre wave (mmWave) band considered for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) allocation at the World Radiocommunications Conference in 2019.





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