A NOT so Brave New World Order

Michael Moore | Email: michaek.moore@seetvnews.com

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In Melbourne over the weekend there was a protest against lock downs.

The Victorian Government, under the dictatorial illegal mandates of the Premier Daniel Andrews, instructed the police to crack down in any way possible on people disagreeing with him or his mandates. This involved 2000 police moving into the city. The halting for the day of any public transport, trains, trams and busses and even taxis, and the liberal use of pepper sprays.

Danial Andrews, who has closed parliament so he can continue his reign without being challenged, is determined to enforce his mandates even if it kills everyone.

The original idea of the police was to protect society. Now it is used as a tool to enforce Andrews dictate.

When police pull an old lady down and whilst holding her down pepper spray her it becomes a Police State, and the Police are not protecting the citizens but are now attacking them.

The Stasi are becoming alive again and Premier Dan’s SS are emerging into the light.

Melbourne is the most locked down city in the world. And the cases continue to climb. This is not about health. Otherwise Sweden’s approach would have been followed. This is about ensuring that Daniel Andrews becomes a dictator and runs the state in the usual dictator fashion, through the use of Fascism using health as an excuse.

This is a concerted effort, issuing false positives with PCR testing, to justify complete control over everyone in the States (Victoria.

Time for a change. Perhaps massive civil disobedience is required with hundreds of thousands just sitting down in the street not moving Gandhi style is required. No talking no shouting at police, Just doing nothing and exposing Police brutality as a result thereby. As the police take them away they would be replaced by others in a never ending display of defiance to the dictator Dan.



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