20 Nov 2021 | Michael Moore | micheal.moore@seetvnews.com

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No relation to anyone living or half dead.

Once upon a time there was a virus. It only affected people badly who were of an advanced age and who had health issues. Most of the population shrugged it off.

So Chairman Dan had a brilliant idea. What if he enforced a vaccination against this virus? How brilliant would that be? So he got 80 percent of this population vaccinated against the virus. That will fix it, he said. This was after locking down the city for months on end. The only problem was that the more he locked down the city, the more the virus grew? Why was that he wondered. Well never mind, He was the boss and people will do as he said anyway because they were more interested in the footy and having a beer and relaxing and leaving it all to him to figure out.

Well he DID get 80 percent vaccinated against this virus. But it did not stop the virus so he introduced penalties for anyone who did not take the vaccine.. He could not force people of course so he asked himself, what could he do about that. Then he had a brilliant idea. Create a two class system! You cannot force people to take a vaccine but you can ban people who refuse. Great, Let’s create a segregated society just as they did in the 1930s, but not with Blacks this time, with the unvaccinated. That will teach them to do as Dan says.

“But that is unconstitutional.” The cry went out.

“I don’t give a Dam.” Said Dan

So it started. First, the unvax’ed could not shop for clothes, then could not have a drink or eat in a restaurant. ‘How could I expand this?’ Dan asked himself.

‘Ah! Prevent the unvax’ed from buying food. Yes that will be next.’ Of course 80 percent were vax’ed so it is only the last 20 percent that were not. Of course they could suddenly develop the virus from magically nowhere and infect the vaccinated Oh but they are vaccinated, Does not matter. They can still get the virus so everyone has to be vaccinated. 100 percent. Then it is OK to get the virus.

But Chairman Dan decided that the only way to get a grip on his never-ending control was to introduce a Bill that gives him everlasting powers. So he worked on that. The Plandemic Bill. Because it was a planned pandemic and he wanted to continue getting the thousands of dollars from the pharmaceutical lobbyists.

Happy ending. Chairman Dan gets to enjoy his $460,000 a year or $8000 plus salary each week for destroying people’s lives and jobs for months on end and being paid as a glorified drug pusher for the State.

(This is a fictitious story and no relation to anyone living or half dead, if you see any resemblances to anyone it is in your own imagination. No one is as crazy as this Chairman Dan.)

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