Alex Thomson: World Domination By A Few Families Through Mindspace and Mind Control

15 Feb 2022 | SeeTVNews | Please subscribe and share!

At the Grand Jury of the People’s Court of Public Opinion, Alex Thomson gave a summary of the geopolitical situation as it was in the world in the crucial period leading up to the post-Second World War II period.

“Most of the testimonies this evening, and I understand in subsequent sessions of the Grand Jury, will concentrate much on the post-1945 world. That really being the time where a lot of plans for unification of world government began in anger, including the health issues that you are concerned with,” Thomson began.

Alex Thomson is a former officer of Britain’s Signal Officer Intelligence Agency, GCHQ the partner agency to NSA, and also a member of GCHQ’s cross-disciplinary team for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats (“CBRN”).

Thomson began his testimony: “My contention is that the dominate power in the world, namely, the City of London, the financial heart of the British Empire, readied itself for that situation from roughly 1870. And that the modern world, the monopolisation of the world, the cartelisation of the world, begins in anger at that time.

“There were several revolutions by the British elite and they all revolved around containing productivity and preventing a growth of intelligence and intellectual property.”

Below is the video of Thomson’s testimony and the transcript.

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