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Read the following and listen to both videos for about three minutes each.

“Let’s be blunt; the so-called Digital Identity Bill represents a watershed moment in Australia’s history. We stand between a free personal enterprise future and a digital surveillance age.

If we do nothing to stop this Bill, the Government will sit in the middle of every interaction Australians have with each other and the world.

To achieve this in the same way China does by creating a digital identity that forms a central part of a person’s life. You can call it a “licence to live.” What began with a covert contact tracing, vaccine passports, QR Check-in, soon to be formalised – an inescapable digital identity.

It signals a complete end of consumer privacy, the end of citizenship and a Big Brother digital age that treats Australians as products rather than free human beings. The Government intends to build a complete digital record of every Australian to be shared and used.

Our medical history, shopping preferences, who we associate with, whether our choice is so-called green, social security, veterans services, travel records, website viewing, employment status, and social media comments. Everything will go on the record and be available to any large corporation that can pay for the access. This was orchestrated by a Federal Liberal National Government who previously but distortingly called it a Human-Centering Digital Identity”.

“The World Economic Forum is meant to be dismissed as a so-called conspiracy theory. Why is the Federal Liberal Party copying its policies directly from the World Economic Forum’s global digital identity project, if that’s the case?

It’s designed to shift the economy from private ownership into what the World Economic Forum calls an access model. You will own nothing and rent goods and services from the world’s billionaires and billionaire corporations. In other words, the role of the digital identity bill is life via subscription.

Without assets and ownership, Australians will have no power over the Government nor any power over the corporations. They want to control people’s lives. In their eyes, this will help the world live sustainably, but in reality, it is a form of slavery to a closed-loop economy where you have less, and the rich have more, way more.

The Liberals have already spent a Billion dollars of our taxpayer dollars on their digital economy strategy for 2030.

All they need to make the Global Socialist’s dream a reality is to pass the so-called trusted Digital Identity Bill”.

Also, watch another three-minute video.

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