Asserting your rights in Australia

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

20 June 2021 | Michael Moore |

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In fact, you have certain rights under the Australian Bio and Security Acts.

Federal Government laws and regulations ALWAYS supersedes local or state laws. So whatever law the State you are in has enacted is always subservient to Federal Law such as the Bio Security Act of 2015 and the Australian Privacy Act of 1988 Section 94H.

These acts mean that you cannot be MADE to provide ANY medical information without your permission. This includes employers and includes information about any medical treatment or VACCINATIONS you have or have not had.

It also means you are NOT obliged to sign in and your movements be tracked or have to REPORT IN your location at any time … anywhere. You do NOT in short have to report your movements to the government as you are a citizen of Australia and not a criminal.

Importantly you cannot be refused entry into a public place or any business OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

That is the law.

I could go on.

But the question is, what to do about it?

Quite simple. Print off the image below and keep several copies with you. When anyone asks you for medical information (including employers) or to sign in in order to gain entry into any business open to the public, such as a supermarket, retail or other establishment, you can give a copy to the individual and ask them to scan the QI shown on the page and that will give them the exact quote and tell them you are not required by law to provide that information.

I visit the supermarket on a regular basis in Melbourne and they always ask me to sign in. I show them this sheet and they accept that because of course it is the law. The same applies to restaurants, cafes, pubs retail shops or any public place open for business.

There is no reason why one has to go into agreement with the dramatized police state and it is no one else’s business what your medical state, condition or activity is except those you chose (such as your Health advisor or medical practitioner) and possible family members.

Remember it is YOUR CHOICE! You are in charge of your life, no one else.

You decide what to do with your life.

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