AstraZeneca, The Saga Continues

Michael Moore 18 March 2021

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A syringe with a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is seen in a vaccination centre at the Cecchignola military compound, in Rome, Italy, (FILE PHOTO) © REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane/File Photo

Inconsistencies abound surrounding the AstraZeneca Vaccine for Covid-19.

On the one hand it is said to be very safe, yet of the other hand multiple countries are suspending the use of the vaccine, ‘just in case.’ And ‘to be cautious.’ About what?

IF it is safe, what is there to be cautious about?

Now in Italy a Prosecutor not only seized a batch of the vaccine, but has instituted manslaughter charges ( Is this the first of many?

AstraZeneca is now banned in Germany, Italy and France along with several of the smaller European countries and The Council of Europe has mandated that there be NO compulsory vaccination and NO discrimination against the un-vaccinated. So in Europe, at least, there will be no vaccination ‘passports.’

Here is a list of countries that have banned the vaccine:

  1. Switzerland

  2. Italy

  3. Austria

  4. Latvia

  5. Lithuania

  6. Estonia

  7. Germany

  8. Luxembourg

  9. Iceland

  10. South Africa

  11. Norway

  12. Denmark

  13. Thailand

  14. Iran

  15. Bulgaria

  16. Congo

  17. Ireland

It is a different story in the UK, USA and Australia where the population are being vaccinated with AstraZeneca with a vengeance. Pre-designed legislation has made it all but impossible to sue the pharmaceutical companies for the effects of their drugs and vaccines.

In Australia, for example the current government, who apparently has no interest in the welfare of theor population despite all the rhetoric, has legislated that one cannot sue the government OR the pharmaceutical companies for any adverse effects of vaccines and drugs. This does not apply to the Therapeutic Goods Administration however, who are responsible for giving the final OK for all drugs and vaccines. And the Australian Government are saying, despite 10 countries suspending the vaccine, Oh its ok, its just a precaution. For what?

This could be considered the result of too much too soon. A vaccine generally has three years of trials. The AstraZeneca had one. AND it is not the traditional style of vaccine. It is a manipulative blend of mRNA and dead foetuses.

Not something I want to put into my body just on the off chance I might get a virus which has a less than 2 percent chance of killing me.

Remember, 17 entire countries do not suspend a vaccine for nothing.

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