Australia’s Fake PR Style Human Rights

Michael Moore 13 December 2020

Senator the Hon Marise Payne recently stated, Today marks the 72nd anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. An ambitious document for its time, the Universal Declaration is the foundation on which our modern system of international human rights is built.

As we have done throughout our three-year term on the Human Rights Council, Australia will continue to defend longstanding human rights principles and norms, protect hard won gains and raise serious concerns about human rights situations around the world.

We will continue to protect hard-won gains in gender equality, advocate for the rights of Indigenous peoples and people with disabilities, and promote equal rights for LGBTI persons.

Australia will continue to be a strong voice in defence of freedom of expression, freedom of religion or belief, and the critical role of national human rights institutions and civil society. We will continue to make clear our opposition to the death penalty, in all circumstances and for all people.

On International Human Rights Day, Australia reaffirms our commitment to promote human rights for all people.”

The hypocrisy of this is astounding when you consider Julian Assange, illegally being held in a high maximum security British prison awaiting extradition to a country he has never been to, AND IS NOT A CITIZEN OF, simply for exposing the WAR CRIMES of that country. By that premise anyone who says anything derogatory about the USA can be extradited there to face a trial. REGARDLESS OF WHAT COUNTRY THEY ARE A CITIZEN OF. So that would include any British or Australia or European or Asian person, for that matter, of any country, the USA could demand they be extradited to the USA.

Australia of course has its own war crimes. Perhaps this is why they are so hypocritical in defending the rights of Australians over seas, unless it politically suits them. Take Kylie Moore-Golbert for example,. A COUSIN to Julian Assange no less. Australia was perfectly willing to exchange three terrorists for Kylie’s freedom. Seems freeing Three Iraqi Terrorists is more favourable to freeing Julian Assange who is NOT a terrorist but exposes Terrorism.

That shows you where Australian Politics really sits. Favouring terrorism.

It seems that Australia is a Claytons member of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (Claytons, an alcoholic drink that has no alcohol – made famous in the 1980s through a commercial, ‘The drink you have when you are not having a drink)

In other words Australia is member of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights when you do not care about human rights but just want to APPEAR that you do. Fake.

So Australia’s ‘joining the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ statement is not worth spit. Don’t give us this fertiliser Marise. You are in charge of Australia’s war machine that condones war crimes. So either put up or shut up.

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