Australia the Backward Apartheid State

16 Nov 2021 | Michael Moore |

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Australia has become an Apartheid State. Once 50 to 30 years ago it was Negros segregated in the USA and South Africa. Now it is the unvaccinated segregated in Australia. Australia is going BACKWARD while the rest of the world is going forward.

And how come the Prime Minister sits back weak willed while the State Premiers take charge of Australia and introduce a two class system and strenuously try to enforce vaccination on everyone with penalties and punishment if one does not. He formed an illegal ‘Cabinet to discuss the ‘pandemic’ with the State Premiers but it seems they can go ahead, violate

Federal Legislation and enact their own laws and he stays conspicuously silent. Is he waiting for them to do his dirty work so he will look good? Or does he not have the balls to stand up for Australia on its downward spiral to oblivion and an Orwellian State?

The Victorian Premier is introducing new laws to give him absolute control over all Victorians. In Victoria if you are not vaccinated or, more importantly do not show vaccination ‘papers,’ you are refused entry into most retail and hospitality premises. Whereas once a black person could not enter a white only premises, now an unvaccinated person cannot enter a vaccinated person only premises.

The same now applies in NSW and soon Queensland. Other States and Territories are following and in Western Australia the Premier has just had a law passed which gives him the right to remove any WA citizen their assets including land and property.

The citizens choice in the matter is considered irrelevant. Do as you are told or else you cannot work and cannot go to restaurants or cafes or buy clothes.

Australia is becoming the penal colony it strove to come out of.

Time to leave Australia and let the State Premiers stick their heads up their own bottoms.

Or we can fight back, remove them and put people in place who actually represents the people that elected them instead of despots and dictators.

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