Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Amendment Bill 2020

Why is the Federal government trying to introduce the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Amendment Bill 2020? This is a bill tabled by Peter Dutton to increase the spying on Australian citizens.

Currently before a secret committee which only Liberal and Labor members ARE ALLOWED view the bill basically considers Australian citizens are the enemy of the government (certainly the enemy of Peter Dutton).

No. The Federal Government is SUPPOSED to represent the people of Australia. Not spy on them. If they want to spy on someone, spy on the Chinese Government. Spy on the Rothschild family who have initialled their COVID-19 Virus (See the article on Rothschild patenting the virus)

Peter Dutton seems to have a bee in his bonnet about Australian Citizens being the enemy or at least not worthy of consideration. Does he think he has a Licence to kill? Is he 007 Dutton?

Here is the bill in question

Check it over, read what you will be subject to in the coming years if this bill goes through.

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