Australian State Police

24 October 2021 | Michael Moore |

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The Australian State Police are each private Pty Ltd companies with no actual powers other than those granted by the State parliaments who have contracted them for a specific purpose.

Here are the Pty Ltd Details of each of the State Police Force companies.

The Victorian Police Force, for example, is called Police department (VIC) Pty Ltd and their ABN Number is: 63 446 481 493. You can look it up in the The same applies to each of the other states.

This makes the police forces all private enforcement companies used at the direction of the various State Governments. In effect they are private police arms of the government.

This means if they operate OUTSIDE of their mandate, then they can be sued just like any other Pty Ltd company. Their staffs are the police forces and they have a Executive Director with a title of Chief Police commissioner.

But he is still the manager responsible for the company and subject to company rules and regulation according to Federal legislation.

So if an employee (policeman) goes out and pepper sprays a twelve year old child the Chief Commissioner can be held responsible and sued in a court of law. The same applies if ANY policeman working for any of these companies goes beyond their mandate and fires rubber bullets at citizens in the back whilst they are running away.

According to the Victorian State Police (, for example.

Corporate governance

Victoria Police Executive Command is responsible for setting the strategic direction of Victoria Police, monitoring organisational performance, determining key priorities and risks and managing organisational capacity and capability.

Executive Command is comprised of the Chief Commissioner of Police, three Deputy Commissioners, two Executive Directors and the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Retired Air Chief Marshall Sir Angus Houston AK AC AFC is an independent member of Executive Command.