Berlin welcomes the World

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Peace, Harmony, Happiness

Michael Joseph

Berlin, 29-Aug, 2020

Those are the main feelings I retain from my visit to the centre of Europe, or “the border to totalitarianism” as RFK-Jnr put it. Being a small group of just three from perhaps one million or more people, we are unable to provide an overview, and so can only describe what we saw.

At the Brandenburg Gate (10:00) we saw several of the old “Rheichsflags” (black-white-red). We stopped and asked one group of 4 people what the flag symbolised for them. They explained it was for them a symbol of the “Friedensvertrag” (Peace-Treaty), that it had never been properly ratified and therefore Germany was not a sovereign-state. These people were not in any sense Fascists, they were expressing their point of view. In any true democracy, there has to be room for all points of view.

Passing through the Gate we saw the beginning of the vast hordes of people. The atmosphere was infective, being joyful and positive, peaceful and happy with excited smiling faces everywhere. Many opportunities to see and exchange different ideas. Newspaper, flyers and magazines to pick-up and read. Very easy to meet people and make new friends. People from other countries recognized the importance of Germany in this peaceful democratic resistance movement. Control Germany and you control Europe.

The three lines of people slowly fused going into Friedrichstrasse, and then stopped. We were blocked. One of the floats announced that the police had stated we were breaking the hygiene rules by being too close together. Correct, we were. But that was their fault, because they had deliberately blocked the flow. This was the first of many occasions that the police themselves broke the law that weekend. The Berlin Senate had tried twice to stop the announced demonstration, but it was legally over-turned, so now they had moved to direct opposition. While our lawyers tried to solve the situation, we were asked to sit patiently and peacefully. We did. Some of us for 3-4 hours. There were no scuffles, only some irritation when a line of 20 police in riot-gear ran down the side of the procession along the pavement to add extra man-power to their illegal barricade. People sat or stood and chatted and ate and drank. Gradually, bit by bit they drifted off in different directions, for the most part seeking alternative routes to the SiegesSaeule. Finally, ay 14:45, we walked further down Friedrichstrasse to the Spree and then tried several times to cross back over, but were unreasonably blocked by the police. They would not let us onto the Rheichstag area. However, at the larger road, Spreeweg, we were able to cross directly to get near the SiegesSaeule, just in time for RFK’s speech.

The area around the SiegesSaeule was completely full and all the way east down the 17-Juni-Strasse until the Brandenburg Gate. West of the SiegesSaeule there were perhaps a couple of thousand thinly spread down the road; I suppose, this should have been full with many of the people still trapped in and around Friedrichstrasse. Many speeches followed, until 20:30, and I mention just two now. One was an announcement of a new Group: Childrens’s Health Defence-Europe, in co-operation with RFK’s US-group. The other was from an ex-Green in the German parliament who explained how he had presented a huge amount of data regarding the coronavirus and the likely detrimental-effect of the lockdown, but was ignored or ridiculed and side-lined by his (now) ex-colleagues. Further proof of the complicity by the Greens in this whole shabby affair.

The next morning I walked-up the 17-Juni-Strasse again from Tiergarten, hoping to inspect the Querdenken-camps, but there was nothing to see. Apparently, overnight, the police had got rid of them all, without any evidence that theirs was a legal activity. Even as I left for the train-station, more police were arriving in large vans; I had the feeling then that it was working-up to some violence. Currently, our regime does not just resemble a totalitarian-state, it is in every way acting like one in its denial of free-speech, lies in the media, enforced and cruel social-practises (masks) and now outright violence against peaceful people. They are a disgrace, and now the world has seen it.

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