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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

It is amazing how the media pick and choose what they want to report as ‘news.’

There are BIG questions over who authorised the Hotel Quarantine Fiasco in Melbourne when The Premier, Daniel Andrews apparently refused the offer of the Australian Defence Forces by the Prime Minister and chose to use a local security firm, United Security instead. Not being trained in quantine health matters the security provided was a gigantic failure with the virus escaping due to poor and ineffective control measures. This resulted in over 750 deaths in Melbourne.

An Inquiry was held (final results yet to be issued) that was unable to pinpoint who was responsible for the choice of security as every minister and public official interviewed adopted the ‘Sargent Schultz’ (from the comedy) response of, “I know nothing, Nothing!”

However, it has come to light that the person who signed the purchase order for payment of the security company was Simon Phemister, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Secretary. who said, in a flurry of WhatsApp messages on March the 27th,

"Gotta be careful with a lot of security companies. Heaps of cash work," one of the messages said. "Cowboy industry," said another.

Needs to be reputable. Don't want [redacted] rogue [redacted] prowling the corridors."

It is the first time a Victorian public service boss has given such a firm answer to that question. Mr Phemister said he believed the decision was made in a state control centre meeting that started about 4pm on March 27, two days before the first international arrivals would be quarantined in Victoria.

So why did he sign off on the purchase order (see below) authorising the use of a “cowboy” security company costing the tax payer 30 million dollars? Especially when the ADF offered would have been free? Is there some connection between the security company and the Victorian Government we do not know about? It certainly looks like it.

Perhaps the Inquiry should be looking in that matter. Unless it is a white wash committee. After all it does originate from the Premiers Department.

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