Breaking News! Daniel Andrews Offices Shot Up With Five Bullets.

Michael Moore 17 February 2020

Why was the Victoria Premier’s Noble Park Office shot up with five bullets and why did he suddenly declare an end to the lock down.

Is the resistance to his insane lock down getting too close for comfort?

Conspicuously absent in the main stream media is the fact that the Premier’s Office was shot with five bullets yesterday.

And according to the UK Daily Mail (pointedly ignored in Australia I might add) it is repoprted in addition 11 thousand people have vowed to attend a demonstration tonight (17th February) in the city to protest Daniel Andrews destroying small businesses with his arbitrary lock downs.

“Victorian businesses slam Dan Andrews for 'disproportionate' lockdown that will cost the state $2.3billion
  • Victorian business are demanding more clarity on potential future shutdowns

  • Employer association has questioned whether the shutdown was necessary

  • Lockdown is estimated to have cost the state economy more than $2.3 billion

  • Retailers and hospitality venues reopen from Thursday but the damage is done”

Says the Daily Mail.

Daniel Andrews has started to lose the faith of Victorians with his apparent insane lock downs of cities and towns hundreds of miles away from the tiny hotel near the Melbourne airport.

As a result of this ‘snap’ lock down thousands of small business such as the Florists and Hospitality industries, for example, have lost millions in business and wasted stock. In fact 2.3 billion dollars.

No apology has been offered and Andrews just seems to give the cold shoulder. He does not seem to care about Victorians.

Well he is getting his 8500 dollars a week so he does not have to worry about where his next meal is coming from.

Only where the next bullet is coming from.

And if Scott Morrison tears up the secret agreement Andrews has with China what will China do about the 3.5 BILLION dollars the Victorian Parliament owes China?

Very disturbing.

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