Brett Sutton Arrested

24 October 2021 | Michael Moore |

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Brett Sutton is the (was the) Chief Medical Advisor to the Victorian Government and the Premier Daniel Andrews. He actually works for the Burnet Institute and is on loan under contract to the Victorian Government.

However, It is a matter of record that on July 2020, Detective Sergeant Ash Penry from the Greater Dandenong Crime Investigation Unit arrested Dr Brett Sutton over allegations Sutton had taken a large bribe. The Victorian Police are now in VCAT fighting the release of records of this arrest. They are trying to keep it a secret.

Anyone can find out however. The VCAT reference number is: Z848/2020.

(For the Record, Anyone can pay a small fee and get a copy of this application.)

It is difficult to get details of this arrest and of the bribe in question or if Sutton is out on bail or not (most likely).


Professor Brett Sutton is an employee of the Burnet Institute in Melbourne and has been for 4 years He is ‘on loan’ to the Victorian Government to fill the post of Chief Health Officer. His brother Trevor Sutton is the Deputy Statistician at the bureau of Statistics and is married to Jane Halton, (See the article on <a href=>Jane Halton. The Burnet Institute is primarily funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to promote vaccinations. And Brett Sutton is on record as saying he does not know what the right level of cases is.

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