Can Business Refuse to Employ You If you are not Vaxx’d?

26 August 2021 | Michael Moore | Email:

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Basically no. In Australia it does not matter if you are vaccinated or not. As per the Australian Federal Privacy Act of 1988 Section 94H and the Bio Security Act of 2015 Section 60 and Section is none of their business. It is also illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their medical condition, (

No employer is entitled to ask you about your medical condition. It violates the Privacy Act of 1988 which is a federal act, and supersedes any State act or legislation or ‘mandate.’ In short, it is none of their business. Even when the state government declares an emergency state (as is in Victoria but NOT in NSW where such a state has not actually been declared)

This applies to QI codes, asking any individual to disclose his vaccination status, medical condition and or treatment. You cannot or should not be discriminated against because of any medical condition or treatment.

In addition, “It also means you are NOT obliged to sign in and your movements be tracked or have to REPORT IN your location at any time … anywhere. You do NOT in short have to report your movements to the government as you are a citizen of Australia and not a criminal.

Importantly you cannot be refused entry into a public place or any business OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

That is the LAW.”

You can show the following wherever you go to bring home the point to anyone that challenges you.

A larger version is available at where you can print it off and keep several copies in your pocket to give to anyone who questions your rights.

In short no employer can ask to see any medical records of yours and no shop assistant, manager or retailer can demand to see your medical records or that you sign in.

You have rights.

Maintain them.

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