Communism by any Other Word is Still … Communism.

Michael Moore 03 March 2021

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This is not communism and we are not living in a communistic society.

“The collective is being gas-lighted and prepared for communism. disguised as "sustainable" living. All of this virtue-signalling and unscientific, altruistic BS is intended specifically to condition humanity to willingly forfeit individual rights.” Joanna van Bijsterveld

“I will not inject my body for the sake of the collective.

I will not block my breathing for the sake of the collective.

I will not fundamentally alter my lifestyle to accommodate the irrational fears of the collective.

This is a philosophical battle between the individual and the collective.

Those who are scared can choose of their own volition to inject their body, block their breathing, stay inside, and avoid whatever they perceive to be dangerous, but they may not demand or mandate these things for another.?

  • The collective is not owed safety or protection at the expense of the individual.

  • The healthy are not obligated to sacrifice themselves to the sick.

  • The confident are not obligated to sacrifice themselves to the fearful.

  • The idea that the individual owes anything to the collective is a delusion.

  • The collective would not exist without the individual.

The freedom and choice of the individual must always supersede the preferences of the mob, when this principle is inverted societal destruction is inevitable.

Many people have been conditioned to believe this is an “unloving” or “selfish” perspective, while completely overlooking how unloving and selfish it is to demand an individual sacrifice their own well-being for the sake of the herd.

Upholding the right for an individual to choose for themselves is the most loving and honorable thing a society can do”

— Dr. Melissa Sell

Communism destroys itself from within. It subjugates its community and places the entire decision making in the hands of a select few. This results in less ability to think and subsequently less capability of the community through the reduced practice of responsibility and ability to be cause. The society becomes spectators, not doers and so the society collapses through lack of action. You cannot build a nation by watching TV.

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