Concentration Camps for Native Australians

26 Nov 2021 | Michael Moore |

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The Northern Territory (NT) Government under Minister Gunnar are using the army to herd native Australians into concentration “quarantine’ camps such as Howard Springs regardless of their vaccination or covid status. Just being a native Australian is sufficient it seems and health is being used to treat people like cattle in the NT on the basis of ‘health.’ This includes FULLY VACCINATED Indigenous people from the Katherine Region, Binjari and Rockhole.

In addition the quality of care at the ‘camp’ is so poor, according to the Independent, “A 77-year-old man who was quarantining at Howard Springs has died, with friends claiming a “breach of duty of care” at the facility, after the British man was last seen polishing off a bottle of vodka at the dry facility in desperation.

Lucas Malasti, who arrived at the facility three days ago on board a repatriation flight from Frankfurt, said the man had come from the UK to see his son in Australia, but had managed to sneak in a bottle of vodka after being refused his medication by the authorities for his PTSD and which he then proceeded to drink in one sitting on Saturday night.

“He sat across from us and consumed the whole bottle of vodka because he was happy to be here,” Mr Malasti said.

In order to fly from Frankfurt and gain entry to Australia he would have to have been FULLY VACCINATED. Yet was sent to a quarantine facility. It seems the authorities do not expect a fully vaccinated individual to be protected from Covid but must be treated the same as unvaccinated and isolated ‘in case’ they get covid from somewhere.

“[Staff] saw him intoxicated and put him to bed. The next morning he’s stone dead and the room stinks like alcohol.

“We have a massive breach of duty of care at this facility.

NT Police refused to issue a statement about the man’s death.

However, Police Commissioner and Territory Controller Jamie Chalker confirmed at Monday’s COVID-19 press conference that a 77-year-old man from an international repatriation flight had died at the Howard Springs quarantine facility over the weekend.

He did not give information as to where the man originated or how long he had been at the quarantine facility.

“He was an international repat. Obviously, he was a 77-year-old individual,” Mr Chalker said.

“We’re just looking at whether they had any existing other issues but certainly the initial advice is not indicating that it was a death relating to COVID.”

It remains unclear if police have opened an investigation into the death.

Mr Malasti also confirmed the staff refused to give him the medication he needed to deal with an ongoing PTSD condition.

“We’ve been nothing but neglected here since we arrived,” he said.

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Meanwhile the NT Government have called in the army to herd people into Howard Springs regardless of if they have covid or not and regardless of if they are vaccinated or not. What is the real reason for transporting indigenous people into a camp?

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