Corona - Types and How To Recognize Them

Michael Joseph November 10, 2020

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By now, you will have realized that people do have different behaviours with respect to Covid-19.

Type-1, is, and always has been, fearful of the virus which they believe is deadly.

They therefore believe everything their Government and the mass-media tell them. You will recognize them by their use of a face-mask wherever they go, irrespective of the local rules.

They cannot possibly accept any other point-of-view, except that which they read and hear every day from the mass-media. Essentially, they are so frightened, they cannot think properly. Type-2 is more sceptical, but not sufficiently so as to question the underlying-narrative that the

Governments and their representatives are indeed protecting them. You will recognize them by their refusal to engage in debate, and ready acceptance of the “new-normal”. They prefer to keep their heads down, and hope that it all blows over soon. Type-3, has at some point, realized that all the data point to Covid-19 being rather like a seasonal influenza (on request, I can provide many different references for this, but they are not difficult to find). At that point, they felt safe, and cheered-up a bit, and went back to their normal life, never wanting, and this is crucial, never wanting to question why their Government is denying them basic human rights and causing the biggest crash of the economy in a century. Their behaviour is not so different from Type-2, but they will be a bit more blasé about “safety”.

Type-4, is a mixture of Types-2 and 3, but sees a clear business opportunity, for example to sell face-masks, special clothing, new mouse-models and develop specific-treatments, including of course, vaccines and anti-virals. Since this Type actually has some insight to the situation, they are behaving in a most immoral manner. Type-5, recognizes Covid-19 for what it is, and therefore, continuing to think logically, is also able to recognize that the Governments and mass-media have been lying to them consistently and systematically for some months.

What Type-5 chooses to do about that, divides them into further sub-types, but one of them is certainly the well-known “conspiracy-theorist” who regularly attends demonstrations, and is asking for a true return to normality and an independent inquiry on the whole sorry Covid-19 story.

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