Covert Control

Michael Moore 07 December 2020

Covert control is the control one uses when one does not want to be seen controlling. It operates rather like a protection racket. Do as I say or else you will suffer.

For example. No one HAS to take the covid-19 vaccine. People have the right of refusal. BUT…. If you refuse you will find the following restrictions will eventually come into place:

  1. The policy of no jab no travel is now almost in force. Qantas have announced that WILL be their policy and there have been trials for the right type of paperwork to be used between the UK and the USA.

  2. Cannot be employed in certain jobs. Currently in health positions such as nurses, healthcare workers and medical practitioners. This is likely to gradually be extended to cover all positions over time.

  3. Will not be allowed in certain shops or retail outlets. Department stores and retail outlets, restaurants, pubs, hotels and the like will be STRONGLY encouraged to want to see vaccination health papers prior to entry. No paper no entry.

  4. Will not be allowed in certain areas, such as parks and recreational facilities, Gyms, and sports venues.

  5. When applying for a job the recruiter will demand to see your vaccination papers.

This is a covert or hidden means of control. There will be no legislating to enforcer vaccination but if you wish any of the above you will find vaccination is a prerequisite. You can elect not be vaccinated provided you do not travel, work or shop or enjoy life.

And, by the way, ther vaccines proposed (AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer do NOT cure or prevent the virus, only the symptoms. The virus is technically called coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2. The term COVID-10 is the name given to the SYMPTOMS of the virus and THAT is what the vaccines are for. If you check you will find that none of the pharmaceutical companies claim to effect a cure or prevent the SARS-CoV-2 butt only the symptoms, which by the way are what you get with the adverse reactions to the vaccine after the second dose. Morderna, in fact stated that there was a 100 percent adverse reaction in all participants in the trial.

Anyone can look this information up. It is on their websites. It is not hidden.

So everyone is expected to take this untested expressly rushed through vaccine that does not even protect anyone from the virus but only, apparently relieves the symptoms, but it does not. And if they do not their lives are restricted.

Tell me that is not a covert control.

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