Daniel Andrews Persecution Policy

01 Dec 2021 | Michael Moore | micheal.moore@seetvnews.com

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The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, continues to push his persecution policy in the same way the blacks were persecuted in the USA in the 1930s and the Jews in Germany and Poland in the 1940s.

They were persecuted for being ‘different’ and were not allowed to frequent the same places as either whites or non-Jews. Many were herded into what were euphemistically called ‘camps.’

In the North Territory the State Government there is herding Native Australians into camps (both vaccinated and unvaccinated I might add) and with Andrews new Bill before parliament giving him absolute power over all Victorians it will not be long before he, politely I might add, institutes a Nazi jackboot style of herding the unvaccinated into ‘camps.’

The mythically ‘independent’ Cross bench consisting of Rod Barton MP of the Transport Matters Part, Fiona Patten, Australian Sex Party no less, Andy Meddick, leader of the Animal Justice Party and Samantha Ratnam of the Greens, are Victoria’s three most important crossbenchers. They have all lost their credibility and their independence and have become Daniel Andrews lackeys voting commonly with the government giving it a majority in the upper house for Andrews “Plandemic” Bill and voting with the Labor Government to help get the draconian Bill passed.

It seems it will or has passed by ONE vote, indicating that half of parliament want to put all the power into one man’s hands (And half don’t) and therefore half of the State, by election, do not. In this case it is not the Negroes or the Jews who are being discriminated against but those who choose to employ the freedom of choice. This time it is the unvaccinated. With the creation of a persecuted segregated State Daniel Andrews has effectively turned Victorian into a Communistic Fascist state where HE is the emperor who can decide the fate of everyone in the State

And what is the Prime Minister of Australia doing about it? Nothing! He is sitting in the back seat and allowing the State Premiers to run ragged. A Claytons Prime Minister at best.

What are the levels of government in China? China is divided up into, Provinces, Municipalities, Autonomous regions and Special Administrative regions. My question is, Which one is Australia? Most likely a provincial level administrative division with the States being Autonomous regions* Daniel Andrews payment is to be the Committee Secretary**, (or chief cook and bottle washer) of the Australian Victorian State Autonomous region of The Peoples Republic of China.

Welcome to Communist Australia.

*Like Chinese provinces, an autonomous region has its own local government, but under Chinese law an autonomous region has more legislative rights, such as the right to "formulate self-government regulations and other separate regulations." An autonomous region is the highest level of minority autonomous entity in China ...

**The government of each standard province (Chinese: 省; pinyin: shěng) is nominally led by a provincial committee, headed by a secretary. The committee secretary is first-in-charge of the province; second-in-command is the governor of the provincial government.



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