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19 April 2021 | Michael Moore

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"We at SeeTVNews endorse Serene and her actions and deplore the legally criminally suppressive actions taken by VLSB and Hall & Wilcox.

We would encourage anyone to follow the outlined instructions below in any dealings with VLSB and Hall & Wilcox pointing out to them the criminality of their actions and that they may incur criminal proceedings against them as a result. There are also the questions of breach of confidence, privacy legislation and freedom of speech not to mention potential corruption charges."

Board of Directors


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Dear Class Action Members and donators,

Thank you for your instructions to have your legal fees refunded.

The Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB) made the unlawful action of immediately cancelling Serene’s Practicing license, without any cause or justification, freezing the Trust and donation bank accounts where your monies are being held. This has been done without your knowledge, consent and against your instructions. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia assisted the VLSB to do so, without Serene being found guilty of any crime and without notifying her.

This process has been instigated to undermine Serene, you the clients, and the National Class Action, using stand-over tactics and bullying instead of following the letter of the law. This is what the Government and those in positions of perceived power do, when they feel threatened with exposing the truth!

Serene has also been exposed to danger and intimidation in her home premises. It is clear that the Government are threatened and are now resorting to dirty piracy.

The unlawful cancellation of Serene’s Practitioner Licence has also been instigated to stop her legal actions relating to her most vulnerable clients involving child sexual abuse, police brutality, whistleblower protections, and human rights abuses.

The VLSB has completely disregarded the whistleblower complaints Serene has sent to the Victorian Ombudsman and other agencies, in relation to the unlawful intentions of the VLSB, and they have failed to provide Serene with a reason or demonstrative evidence for her sudden cancellation. They have also ignored all your whistleblower complaints, which is in violation of all your human rights and dignity.

We believe in the strong legal merits of our actions; we also believe the government is worried. They are clearly attempting to sabotage your confidence in Serene, and shake your resolve with the current actions we are running, before they attempt to roll out mandatory vaccines. These violations of your rights, should not and will not be tolerated.

Despite this move from the VLSB, we know the vast majority of you have pledged your ongoing support and we are grateful. To handle this process correctly and lawfully, we will seek to refund your legal costs first and then approach you to continue to support us, but this time as an Advocate, not as a legal practitioner.

A solicitor is required for the purpose of the Courts’ records, but Serene will continue to be a warrior activist and legal event manager for the current actions. As you know, we have been working closely with Ben Clemens from Clemens Haskin Legal, and he will ensure that for the purposes of the Court, our matters will continue.

Whist they can attempt to sabotage her title as a legal practitioner, she is first and foremost an advocate for the people, and this is the reason her services are called “Advocate Me”.

It is crucial, if not critical, for us all to stand brave at this time and continue our resolve in supporting Serene and her team. In many ways, we have already won. Their attempts may be brutally violent, but we will continue to be resilient.

The VLSB is attempting now to take over the firm, by installing an external intervenor, or manager. This intervenor is from law firm Hall and Wilcox, and one of the Partners, Jacob Uljans, is demanding access to all your files. Serene is refusing the provision of those records to protect the identity of all class action members, preserving your confidentiality, privacy and legal professional privilege.

Please be aware, that the actions of the VLSB are by Government instruction, as they desire that the Class Actions against our corrupt Government, be managed and run by the very same corrupt Government……a complete oxymoron, and we know that you do not support this course of action.

However, we understand that in order to protect you, and in accordance with your instructions, a refund of your legal fees will need to occur.

Serene has requested that the refunds occur in the fastest way possible and under the administration of Serene only. However, the accounts have been completely frozen and Serene no longer has any access to the Trust and Donation bank accounts; this has been done by the VLSB in the absence of your knowledge, consent and against your instructions; noting that there have been no complaints from Class Action members to the VLSB.

VLSB and Hall & Wilcox are now preventing Serene from issuing refunds and are demanding your details before doing so.

This is criminal. This is piracy. This is the ultimate violation of your rights and dignity.

These people must be stopped and we urge you to find your voice for freedom and to stand up strong and brave and take the following immediate actions:

  1. Write to the Victorian Ombudsman again and tell them that their silence is inadequate and that they need to intervene immediately, to stop the cancellation of Serene’s licence and immediately facilitate the refund of your legal fees, and to ensure that Serene is the only person who can administer your refund. Tell them that the VLSB and Hall & Wilcox had frozen the trust account and donation accounts without your consent, knowledge or complaints, and that it is against your instructions and they are refusing to provide a refund, extorting Serene for your information and details. You want the Victorian Ombudsman to immediately intervene. The details for communicating with the Ombudsman are: Andrew Gloster at

2. If you are not averse to speaking directly to Jacob Uljans, I urge you to either email or contact his phone number +(61 3) 9603 3478 demanding:

a) That your refund be made and facilitated by Serene, and that he is cautioned that you will take personal action against him and the VLSB for attempting to sabotage the National Class Action (your Class Action);

b) That you have not provided him any consent to freeze the trust and donation bank accounts of Advocate Me;

c) That you do not consent to he or his Law Firm receiving payment for their costs from the Class Action funds or from Serene personally;

d) That he and his firm and the VLSB, have acted without your consent, knowledge, complaints and in contravention of your instructions, as you have complete faith in Serene from Advocate Me;

e) That you immediately seek a refund of your legal fees to be administered by Serene only, and that you do not give him permission to view or have access to any of your personal information, files or any other materials associated with the National Class Action.

There has already been an amount of $12,000 disbursed to a Barrister instructed for the National Class Action, for the works undertaken thus far. As such, we will require at least 6 or 7 clients who have paid the maximum of $2000 amount, not to request a refund. Please contact Serene directly on 0425 754 299 to discuss this further.

We know that many of you have pledged your Legal Costs to continue the actions, and we will follow that up with you once we set up an appropriate and protected account that the Government cannot pilfer or plunder. The money is far safer back in your hands for now.

We are overwhelmed, but we know that goodness and truth is on our side. We must stay steadfast and remain proud of the stand we have taken with you. We need you now; more than ever to find your feet and strength and maintain the course with us.

Once access to the bank accounts is restored to Serene, in order for the refunds to occur and be administered by her personally; we require you to text message her directly on 0425754299 the following information: (Please refrain from any other general text message during this time, due to the sheer volume of communications Serene will have to deal with)

  1. The Name that you have used to join and sign up to the Class Action;

  2. Your contribution amount;

  3. The approximate date you made the contribution;

  4. Your BSB and Account details.

Please do so, even if you have previously provided this information.

As soon as she can arrange access to the accounts, she will ensure she will issue you refunds. We will continuously update you.

Enclosed we have attached the horrific correspondence we have received from the VLSB and Hall & Wilcox as well as correspondence received today. It is shocking we understand, but please let’s keep strong together.

Serene has also made a video in response to the Cancellation of Licence which can be found below.

While somewhat shaken by the series of events, Serene’s will and determination has been magnified to keep standing up for you and for your families.

Her volunteer team will keep supporting her without any expectations of remuneration; her team are by her side for the duration of this journey and we trust that you also will remain in full support for the ‘Fight of for our Lives’.

Warm regards

Serene Teffaha

Advocate Me

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