Detox From The Vaccine

24 October 2021 | Michael Moore |

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Detox from the Vaccine requires several steps: Addressing the following: A. Toxicity levels of mucus membranes, and all the Main systems; essiac tea (4 herb variant slippery elm bark, turkey rhubarb, sheep Sorel, burdock root.) B. Blood purification(s): - Red Clover, Red Raspberry leaf 3:1 by weight ratio( this will purify the blood to the point that the individual had just received a new "PERFECT" blood transfusion. C. Depletion of oxogen from the MRNA and inhibitances of deliveries to all the necessary. Nettles leaf. D. Spike Proteins: Dandelion "LEAF" will block the spike proteins. In Conclusion#1: An individual that is able(for allergic reaction(s) reasons) to drink this as a tea daily(B,C,D) here is the result ... The spike proteins will be blocked, the blood will be purified to the point as it had just received a complete transfusion of the highest purity of blood, nettles will increase the oxogen levels depleted by the mrna; ALL WHILE MAINTAINING A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM. THE daily drinking of essiac tea will cleanse the system(s) and mucus membranes particularly the intestines and endocrine system(s) and the liver gaul bladder, pancreas ,spleen kidneys through a safe but VERY THOROUGH waste elimination process. Thos who cannot tolerate Essiac tea detoxification system can us a herb called triphala to achieve as close as possible to the essiac tea formulary. Blood Clots: Defeating Blood Clots: 1 Hawthorne berry & leaves and flowers 3 to 1 ratio by weight daily . This will cleanse the vascular and arterial wall of "ANY inhibitors as well as safely increasing the circulation and strengthening the muscle behind the heart. B. Secondary mean: (blood thinning) White willow bark extract This powerful herb posses and abundance of medicinal properties; such as Blood thinning effects, Anti-inflammatory , while also possessing the effects of quinine and successfully treating malaria. as well as cold flu, and fever.

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