F1 Emilia Romagna GP 2022 Sprint Qualifying Review & Results

In the first of three sprint races this season, we have the grid set for the race. In an affair that was entertaining have once again proven that the new regulations have improved the racing.

During qualifying on Friday, it was a wet session in parts, which caused some interesting results. Both Mercedes drivers out before Q3, Carlos Sainz crashing out in Q2 because of a spin out, meaning he would start in tenth for the sprint. It would also feature Max Verstappen starting in first and Leclerc starting second. Both Haas drivers and Nicholas Latifi decided to start on the medium tyres while everyone else started on the softs.

Come the start of the sprint race, Leclerc took the lead from Verstappen right from the jump. Behind them Lando Norris stayed third while Kevin Magnussen followed in fourth. Sergio Perez got a brilliant start, getting himself into fifth. Sainz managed to climb tow positions into eighth.

Zhou Guanyu crashed causing safety car on the opening lap. The end of lap four was when the safety car ended. Three laps later, into turn 1, Sainz overtook Fernando Alonso, and did so without the DRS advantage, which gives a good indication of how the racing is with this years cars.

Perez ended up getting past Magnussen down the main straight up into fourth.

With Sebastian Vettel doing a decent job he was soon overtaken by Valtteri Bottas on lap nine. Unfortunately, his Aston Martin just did not have the pace as he was overtaken a couple more times later on.

After Perez had gotten past Magnussen, it was only a couple of laps later that Perez overtook Norris. The same lap seen Daniel Ricciardo take Magnussen for fifth. Magnussen did start to fall down the order a little. With Sainz getting him on the following lap.

With the pace of the Ferrari, Sainz, on lap fourteen, took fifth place from Ricciardo, down into turn 1. The McLaren driver just not having the pace of the Ferrari.

Lap sixteen seen Bottas make his way up into the sprint points positions by getting up into eighth, passing Alonso to do so. The lap prior, Mick Schumacher, doing a decent job in the Haas, overtook Vettel for tenth.

Former McLaren team-mates Norris and Sainz battled for fourth on lap nineteen, but the Ferrari once again had too much pace and Sainz got by the McLaren up into fourth place. On the same lap, Magnussen gets overtaken by Bottas, sending Magnussen down to eighth.

On lap twenty, with two laps left of the sprint, after a few laps where Leclerc was visibly struggling with his tyres, Verstappen took advantage of that in the laps leading up where he caught back up to Leclerc and then eventually overtook him into turn 1.

This eventuated in Verstappen getting the win, meaning he will be on pole for the race itself, with Leclerc and Perez rounding out the top three. Sainz got fourth, followed by a good showing by McLaren with Norris in fifth and Ricciardo sixth, then Bottas and Magnussen finish out the points for the sprint, with the top 8 getting points.

The race will certainly be an interesting affair to see if Ferrari can get another win or will it be Red Bull to spoil the party for the Italian team? With Mercedes starting so far back, what can we expect from them? If the sprint race was anything to go by, it could be a great race.

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