F1 Miami GP 2022 Preview

For the first time Formula One goes American as round five of the Formula One world championship heads to Miami. The track has the potential to challenge the drivers, with twisty fast corner complexes, but also contains the slower more technical corners. The massive back straight will hopefully allow plenty of action into the final few corners of the lap.

Obviously with no prior races here as this is a brand-new track, the practice sessions will be crucial for the teams and drivers as they attempt to gather enough data for use in the race and qualifying sessions. With a lot of the circuit power based, we could see Mercedes give up some pace in that aspect. But Mercedes has brought as upgrade for the aerodynamics package so they may have found a way to minimise the power deficiency. Lewis Hamilton will be looking to drastically improve on his Imola performance, where he finished in thirteenth, nine places behind team-mate George Russell. In what has been a poor start to Mercedes season, can they now find the pace to bounce back this time around?

Carlos Sainz, he has not finished the last two races. That will certainly something he will be looking to rectify this weekend. After getting stuck in the gravel trap not once, but twice on two consecutive races. He definitely has the pace to be up the top of the order but just has not been there. It has caused Ferrari some problems in the constructor’s championship as well, with Red Bull now caught up again. Sainz is a top driver in F1, but he needs to get a good finish in Miami to restore some possible lost confidence.

With this being the first race in Miami, there will be a lot of eyes on it to see how good the racing is around the circuit. It being another street circuit possibly causes a lot of chaos, safety cars and a mistake meaning a crash into the walls. There is potential for overtaking manoeuvres, with there being three DRS zones for drivers to use to their advantage, which end going into turn 1, 11 and 17. These current 2022 cars have encouraged closer racing so far this season, so with these long straights, coupled with DRS and the powerful slipstream, it could become quite exciting. Especially if the win is being fought over until the very end.

The first of two Grand Prix’s in the United States may prove to be fruitful for a race that could be here to stay for a while. And with how close the season has been so far, it could be another fun affair in Formula 1.

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