Family Ties Part 2

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Continuing the saga of Daniel Andrews and his … ‘connections.’

The Victorian Constitution clearly outlines the following:

45 Avoidance of election of unqualified person(1)If a person who is not qualified to be elected a member of the Council or the Assembly (as the case may be) is elected and returned as such a member the election and return shall be declared by the Court of Disputed Returns to be void

55 Seats to become vacant in certain cases If any member of the Council or the Assembly—

  • (a) either directly or indirectly becomes concerned or interested in any bargain or contract entered into by or on behalf of Her Majesty in right of the State of Victoria;

  • (b) participates or claims or is entitled to participate either directly or indirectly in the profit of any such bargain or contract or in any benefit or emolument arising therefrom

  • (d)except where otherwise expressly provided or permitted by any Act or enactment, accepts any office or place of profit under the Crown, or in any character or capacity for or in expectation of any fee gain or reward performs any duty or transacts any business whatsoever for or on behalf of the Crown—his seat shall thereupon become vacant.

Which means essentially that any Minister, including the Premier, is bound NOT to have any pecuniary or other interest derived with any external entity or body that inures to their benefit and or includes a conflict of interest between their post and duties as a minister or premier and their personal interest in gain.

The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald also revealed that a company closely linked to Unified Security, which had an almost identical name and operated from the same Sydney address, has been embroiled in a protracted liquidation process and as recently as February this year still owed unsecured creditors $4.5 million.

And Unified Security Group (Australia) P/L is not just any ordinary security company.

  • It was not Victorian, not registered, not approved and not compliant.

  • It had advanced notice for presumably the premiers office even before the cabinet did that there was a contract opportunity.

  • It didn't need to tender for this contract but was simply handed the contract on a plate one Friday

  • It didn't need to demonstrate it had the staff and resources available to fulfil the contract.

  • It would appear to have been a "phoenix" that had gone out of business a number of times

In addition, the colourful background of bankruptcies, disappearing Glock pistols, Lamborghinis and a boss who "lives in the most expensive house in Earlwood" did not seem to matter to the government.

Not at all bad for a company that Dun & Bradstreet reports as turning over just $3.5M per annum.

So why would the Victorian Government let a $30M contract to a NSW company with a dubious reputation with no tender and a pretty flimsy "Services Brief" by which to hold them to account - particularly when taxpayer funded police and free use of the ADF were available?

03 April 2020, Daniel Andrews said,

“That is why I have today established a Crisis Council of Cabinet (CCC) the core decision making forum for the Victorian Government on all matters related to the coronavirus emergency, including implementing the outcomes of the National Cabinet. It will operate initially until 30 September 2020 and will then be reviewed.

I will chair the CCC and it will include:

  • James Merlino: Minister for the Coordination of Education and Training – COVID-19

  • Tim Pallas: Minister for the Coordination of Treasury and Finance – COVID-19

  • Jacinta Allan: Minister for the Coordination of Transport – COVID-19

  • Jenny Mikakos: Minister for the Coordination of Health and Human Services – COVID-19

  • Jill Hennessy: Minister for the Coordination of Justice and Community Safety – COVID 19

  • Martin Pakula: Minister for the Coordination of Jobs, Precincts and Regions – COVID 19

  • Lisa Neville: Minister for the Coordination of Environment, Land, Water and Planning – COVID-19

Despite these 7 ministers why does it appear that every single decision has come from just one man?

These seven Ministers have been sworn-in with new portfolios with responsibility for leading all COVID-19 response activities in their respective departments, while keeping their current portfolio responsibilities.”

So here are some questions.

The Coate Inquiry documents include the text sent to Unified Securities from the Victorian Premier’s Office at 12.30 pm on ther day of the meeting to decide which security company would be used...Yet the meeting start at 12.36 pm AFTER the text was sent to the security company telling them to get their house in order, ready for the selection as the main security company. This seems to infer that the decision to use Unified Security was made PRIOR to the actual meeting. And the meeting was simply therefore to get the other cabinet members to agree. Was this so I wonder? I can think of no other reason for telling the security company to ‘get its ducks in order.’

What connection does the Premier have that would cause him to select Unified Securities as the preferred security company against governmental policy”

We already know The Pinskier brothers, Henry and Nathan own Medi7 and have the testing contract for testing the hotel security, however, this part of the story is for Part 3. When asked at the Inquiry if a tender process was used to which Medi7 responded, the then Health Minister Ms Mikakos evaded the question and did not answer it. One would think that she would know WHO tendered if anyone and why this company was chosen. It seems she did not, giving rise to the thought that perhaps Andrews is running a one man band here and makes ALL the decisions himself and the other ministers are simply YES persons, Or is it that Andrews runs the government by him self and decides what jobs his mates get? It's certainly clear that there are a number of areas where no tender process was used and "Dan mates" seem to have it all wrapped up?

Let's continue…

Why would Andrews be willing to spend 30 million dollars for security when he could have had it for free? (Australian Defence Forces as offered by the Prime Minister)_

Why is the Premier reluctant to release his phone records? Is it because there is something there that would indicate that the decision to employ Unified Security was made PRIOR to the meeting set up with cabinet to discuss it?

Why did the Victorian Government use an unregistered, interstate, unapproved, Security company WHO’S LICENCE HAD EXPITRED at the time of hiring? A company controlled according to the The Daily Telegraph by Dave Millward, who ran two previous security businesses that collapsed in 2018. One owing creditors $1.6 million.

Questions, questions, questions.

All this questions points to reasons why NOT to hire Unified for this job, so WHY did they, and how come the company was warned PRIOR TO THE MEETING TO GET READY FOR THE JOB?

Text sent 12.30 pm

Meeting started at 12.36 pm

Contract signed 9th of April 3030

Genomic sequencing has confirmed that 99 per cent of the second wave could be traced back to the botched quarantine program, leading to more than 700 deaths and thousands of infections.

Remember we quoted Sections 45 and 55 of the Constitution above?

Well here is the 30 million dollar question. How come Pinskier has all these contracts for millions of dollars from the Andrews Government apparently WITHOUT a proper tender process and the Health Minister did not know about it? And is there a connection with Abby being elevated from receptionist to a key adviser in the Premiers office?

Who is running this State, Andrews or Pinskier?

Part 3 coming soon

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Agreement between the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions and Unified Security Pty Ltd. Contract No. 555582

Updated - Edit a couple of factual errors have removed since this article was originally published

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