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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Michael Moore November 7 2020 Updates 8:58pm Purchase order added

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Do we have Corruption at the highest level in Victoria?

It now appears that Chuck Rankin, a Director in the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions falsified Simon Phemister’s signature on a 30 million dollar contract

Rankin is the ‘witness’ who signed off on the Purchase Order to pay Unified 30 million bucks without tender to a non-approved security contractor responsible for the bulk of the deadly hotel quarantine catastrophe.

What is it when you 'put Simon's signature on it' and then 'sign as a witness that he signed in my presence'. What do you call that?

“Mr Rankin, the fact that you're 'not comfortable putting his signature on it' doesn't excuse you, or protect you from the potential criminal sanctions flowing from your prima facie criminality.” Said Michael Smith on Michael Smith News.


Charles (Chuck) Rankin, the Director of the Office of the Secretary, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, Victoria Government.

The witness on the Purchase Order to pay Unified Security.

Simon Phemister. the Secretary of the Department, Rankin’s superior or boss.

And here's Chuck Rankin's admissions that he

  • affixed Phemister's signature himself

  • falsely purported to witness Phemister signing

  • knew that it was wrong to falsely state Phemister had signed in his presence

  • had no confirmation that Phemister even wanted to sign the contract

  • didn't know and didn't care to find out the value of the contract

  • did know the value 'must have been fairly high'

Here is the Purchase Order.

So we now have proof the secretary of the Department did NOT sign the contract. Hmmmm. And if the contract was approved, - presumably by Eccles- even before the Premier was meeting with cabinet at 1pm. As evidenced by the text message that went to Unified at 12.36, a full 40 min before the "missing 6 minutes"

Another Hmmmmm.

Did Eccles leak the chosen selection to Unified? Did Andrews tell him to do so? Considering that Andrews has consistently said he is ultimately responsible and Eccles is now protected from being charged under the Industrial Manslaughter Act No one can say, this was a "creeping assumption" and the catch cry, “I know nothing.” The right questions need to be asked.

Then the right answers may come forth. 800 people died as a result of this decision, "someone" is responsible.

It will only take one minister to talk and the noose will slip Over Andrews' head pretty quickly, and he won't find it so easy to 'weasel words' his way out of his date with the judge

Worthy of Note is that the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020, which passed both Houses of Parliament on 23 April 2020 and received Royal Assent on 24 April 2020, allows the Government to make regulations to “to dis=apply, or modify the application of, certain laws including the Act in respect of the witnessing, signing or execution of legal documents such as contracts, agreements or deeds”

Is that retroactive I wonder”

And will it cover up the above?

I wonder if the Government has already or will make such regulations to validate the Unified Security contract?

And how did Eccles, during a severe lock down in Victoria with no border crossings allowed, manage to escape to NSW immediately after the phone texts were released.

And why does the border lock down not apply to Premier Andrews? How come he can fly off to Queensland at a moment’s notice for a ‘holiday?” Seems the Border controls do not apply to HIM.

The mystery deepens.

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