FFV - Not Willing to Help Struggling Clubs

Frank Ziovas 02 December 2020

There are fears some junior soccer clubs could fold due to the FFV’s decision to charge clubs registration fees for the interrupted 2020 season which many junior players did not get to play a single game.

We believe some clubs have been invoiced up to $30,000 in fees.

Over 100 local soccer clubs have been trying to contact FFV to ask for an explanation however, as usual FFV have and are ignoring individual requests. Therefore, clubs have banded together to send a formal request in order to get answers.

Mark Szpakolski, a father involved in a junior club says clubs do not want to argue, but the decision to send invoices for the 2020 fees may force some junior clubs to fold.

According to the president of the FFV Kimon Taliadoros, said they had no options but to charge registration fees despite a ball being kicked.

He said “The reality for us as a sporting organisation is we do have hard costs, we do have staff,” the FFV is not in a position to prop …. up” junior clubs
“This will have a meaningful long-term impact on our sport, and the participation, and the clubs,’ he said.

So how can the FFV ask for any fees if a service has not been provided?

The issue which has never been addressed by the FFV is finding ways of supporting the clubs. Soccer in Australia will always suffer because the FFA and FFV and all governing bodies right throughout Australia want absolute power. As always there is no collaboration with clubs and from my point of view noting has changed…it is just a big boys club.

We believe the FFV charges clubs $200 per player for registrations.

  • There are over 15000 registered players right across Victoria.

  • Other fees the FFV charges are for NPL Licences and referee fees.

  • NPL Licences @ $40,000 -$50,000 per licence per club (over 30 clubs)

The president of the FFV Kimon Taliadoros Mentioned they have hard costs. We would like to know what those hard costs are? Considering the FFV make over 5 million per year and this does not include any FFV direct sponsorship, Community in business sponsorship, referee fees nor government grants.

Why is the FFA not providing support?

This is a disgrace and there needs to be a change of leadership, direction and staff right across the FFA and all its governing bodies.

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