Freedom is Slavery

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Michael Moore: 20 November 2020

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In George Orwell’s book, 1984 the motto ‘Freedom is Slavery.’ Is quoted. But what does that mean? Does it mean that to be free you must be a slave? Or does it mean that to be a slave, you must be free?

In effect what it means is that being a slave is freedom. As a slave you:

  1. Do not have to think for yourself. Your thinking is done for you. This is expressed in the media where one is told what to think and accept without question.

  2. Everything you need (as distinct to want) is provided for you. You become dependent on the government for your income. Taking away one’s independence makes one a slave by giving the apparency of freedom. A lack of or reduction in responsibility is not freedom although it is portrayed as such. A basic income is provided (which is just slightly above the minimum for sustenance) and one is educated that wanting more is bad and one is restricted in what one has.

  3. You are told where to go, what you can do what you cannot do and where you cannot go. Your movements are monitored and controlled, ostensibly due perhaps to a health issue.

  4. Your rights are restricted to what someone else says they are. If the controlling factor says you do not have the right to a particular freedom, then that is the limit that has been imposed upon you. Life consists of barriers, freedoms and purposes. Control the freedoms barriers and indeed even the purposes and you control life.

In the final analysis it is the freedom of no responsibility. No responsibility means no control. It means you are not the master of your own fate. Your life is in the hands of another or others. This is based on the warped notion that responsibility IS slavery. That to be responsible is to be a slave. A very warped and distorted view of life indeed. And you do not have to be in agreement with it.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that everyone is responsible for their own lives. And this is true. It is also the way to freedom. Being responsible for one’s own live puts one in the driver’s seat. It enables one to take charge and decide on ones purpose in life is going to be. Taking responsibility for oneself is the first step to self-control.

Freedom is not slavery. Freedom is YOU taking charge of your life. Not another person, or a government or any of those who ‘think’ they are in charge of your or another’s live.

YOU are the writer, producer and director of your own life. Remember that.

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