Greg Hunt Australian Health Minister - A lesson for us all

Updated: Mar 22

Michael Moore 15 March 2021

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Greg Hunt, the Health Minister for Australia has been a big proponent of the AstraZeneca Vaccine for Covid-19. He received his just over a week ago.

Greg Hunt was admitted to hospital on Tuesday 09 March 2021, just 48 hours after receiving his shot on 07 March 2021. He was soon diagnosed with Cellulitis.

Less than 24 hours later he was hospitalised with Cellulitis a painful spreading inflammation of the skin, usually caused by a bacterial infection.

The media says there is no link between the vaccine and this painful skin disease but contrary to that the Health authorities in the UK are recording increasing cases of this and

It seems this is not uncommon with the AstraZeneca vaccine. In fact, many British citizens have ‘acquired’ this disease within a few days of receiving the vaccine. And Ireland has suspended the use of this vaccine following cases of blood clotting in Norway (who also suspended the vaccination). Other countries that have suspended vaccinations until further investigation of adverse effects include

Denmark who suspended the shots for two weeks after a 60-year-old woman, given an AstraZeneca shot from a batch used in Austria, formed a blood clot, and died, Italy also suspended the use of AstraZeneca when two men died in Sicily, however, those shots were not from the Austrian batch Other countries include Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Latvia

Getting back to Greg Hunt, people are now demanding real answers over the circumstances of this event, as new information comes to light that shows the PR narrative broadcasted by the mainstream establishment.

In addition the Informed Medical Options Party is calling on Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, to authorise the release of his medical records for the