How To Prove Yourself Wrong

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

June 6 2021 | Michael Moore |

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It is dead easy.

Commit a bunch of crimes, such as killing innocent civilians for example. Hide the crime. Then when someone comes along and exposes the crime, insist on punishing them for exposing the crime. And keep on insisting it.

Then spend millions of dollars going out of your way to punish the guy that exposed the crime. Then continue doing so thinking it is going to make you look good, but in fact it makes you look real spiteful and stupid.

Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and thinking you are going to get a different result every time.

Instead of taking responsibility for the crime and admitting you were wrong and insisting on repatriation instead, prove yourself wrong by continually insisting that the person who did the right thing by exposing your crime is a bad person. Thus sending the message that it is better to commit crimes and hide them than be a responsible individual or government.

The more the US establishment is insisting on extraditing Julian Assange the more they are proving themselves wrong.

The US Government is doing this right now. Hoisting themselves by their own petard or in other words showing how wrong they are and the more insistent they become the more wrong they display themselves to be.

Of course the British Government being blind, do not see this. They see only the policy issued by the foreign office who is more interested in maintaining the status quo and keeping their jobs than any pretense of justice, and the same goers for the Australian Government. With the Australian Prime Minister doing anything to brown-nose the US Government at the cost of … well… anything.

The more these aberrated government insist on hiding crimes the more aberrated they will become until they eventually disappear in a morass of their own excrement.


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