Ignorance is Strength

Michael Moore 08 November 2020

In Orwell's book 1984, one of the motto's is, 'Ignorance is strength. But what it DOES NOT SAY is who’s ignorance and who’s strength?

Many often assume that it is portraying that to be ignorance and subservient is strong. Nothing could be further from the truth. What it means is that:


The more you keep a population in ignorance of their own true identity and beingness, the easier they are to control. There is an entire science behind this premise.

Here is a quote from the work, ‘Psychopolitics.’

“When an order is issued by the Communist State, and is not obeyed, a sickness will be discovered to ensue. Where obedience fails, the masses suffer.

State goals depend upon loyalty and obedience for their accomplishment. When one discovers a State goal to be interpreted, one discovers inevitably that there has been an interposition of self-wiliness, of greed, of idleness, or of rugged individualism and self-centred initiative. The interruption of a State goal will be discovered as having been interrupted by a person whose disloyalty and disobedience is the direct result of his own mis-alignment with life.

'It is not always necessary to remove the individual. It is possible to remove his self-willed tendencies to the improvement of the goals and gains of the whole. The technologies of Psychopolitics are graduated upon the scale which starts somewhat above the removal of the individual himself, upward toward the removal only of those tendencies which bring about his lack of co-operation.

It is not enough for the State to have goals. These goals, once put forward, depend for their completion upon the loyalty and obedience of the workers. These, engaged for the most part in hard labours, have little time for idle speculation, which is good. But, above them, unfortunately, there must be foremen of one or another position, any one of whom might have sufficient idleness and lack of physical occupation to cause some disaffecting independency in his conduct and behaviour.

Psychopolitics remedies this tendency toward disaffection when it exceeds the common persuasions of the immediate superiors of the person in question.”

So this describes, for example, the activities we see such as lock downs, enforced mask wearing, time and locational restrictions, cut or severed communications and mottos, such as. “We are all in this together.” instigating implicit agreement with the narrative.

Simply. Here is an outline of how this can be done.

  1. First drive the general tone level downinto FEAR. People are easier to manipulate when in fear. Particularly when it is fear of the unknown or something that cannot be seen. This implies there is nothing one can do about it as ‘it’ is not being seen one cannot control whatever is being used to instil fear.

  2. Lie. The way to control a population is to lie to them. To that could be added, repetition. So lying constantly and repeatedly the same lie over and over and over again. The tremendous power of newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and modem "mass media" communication is guided by the PRs of special interests and they guide with lies. Thus PR is corrupted to "a technique of lying convincingly". It makes a cynical world. It has smashed idealism, patriotism and morality. Why? Older PR practitioners preferred lies. They used circus exaggeration or black propaganda. They sought to startle or intrigue and the easiest way to do it was with exclamation point "facts" which were in fact lies. "Mental Health" PRs dreamed up out of whole cloth the "statistics" of the insane. "9 out of every 15 Englishmen will go insane at some period of their lives" is a complete lie. Streams of such false statistics gush from PR lobbyists to get a quick dollar from the government. The stock in trade of PRs, whether hired by Stalin, Hitler, the I Will Arise Society, past and possibly current and future US Presidents or the International Bank, has been black bald-faced lies.

  3. Persistence and repetition. Repeating the lies over and over and over again ensures they become a part of the main stream ‘think.’ Agreement and acceptance is the purpose of repetition. Coupled with keeping the population in FEAR ensures that whatever narrative is expressed is accepted without thought or critical assessment. This together with the denial of other viewpoints expressed to the same level assures the ruling elite of their message being the only one possible.

  4. Enforcement. Taking the above and enforcing with rules, regulations and, where possible, legislation and law, enables the ruling factor to impose a narrative without question and without recourse to an opposing freedom of thought, action and deed.

For man there are two rights, really, and one of them is the right to his own sanity including the ability to think for himself, and the other one is a right to his own life including how he or she should live it. That is an extension of the rights of man, and the rights of man are a complete mockery without these two additional rights.

All you have to do is pronounce somebody insane, you see, or something of that sort, or drive him insane or something and he immediately has no rights; he becomes property.

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