Illegal Restriction of Trade

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Yesterday, in desperation to survive and for her business to survive a Salon Operator opened for business in defiance of an enforced lock down barring businesses from operating in Melbourne, Australia.

Ten police Officers came to force the salon to close and fine that operator 10,000 dollars for working and opening for business. This is the new State Police Regime being created in Melbourne by the Victorian Premier of Victoria in Australia.

This after a clothing shop in Melbourne also opened in desperation and copped a 10,000 fine.

Small business is tired of the suppression by the Premier of Victoria using Covid-10 as an excuse to stop people’s livelihood.

This Premier is enforcing a draconian ‘police state’ where he decides who lives and who dies and what businesses are allowed to open and what must be or stay closed.

This is Australia, Not Russia 30 years ago! Perhaps it is time for him to go and Melbourne to open up again to Flourish and Prosper

Video Source 7News

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