Israel - A Terrorist Organisation or Just Misunderstood?

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Latest news from Israel:

Israel will be the first state to begin using "Anti Terror Technology" to track and trace people with COVID! The Israeli government says the halted the 'anti terror technology'? after massive blowback by the Israeli people. Please let that sink in for a moment!

Do we believe they halted they they halted the anti terror technology?

Now that's out of the way lets begin

How many have had their kids die in bullshit wars waged by the Israeli Government fought by American, British and allied force soldiers? Does anyone know how many soldiers died in wars created by Israel?

The Truth of the matter is "Nothing. no matter how horrible ever happens without the approval of the Government'

In the 1960s there was a deliberate attack on a US naval ship which was fired upon by an Israelis this left many American service men dead and injured. The US military covered it up!

US invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and many other countries, dropped a an atomic bomb killing millions on Hiroshima and the US took out Soleimani under directions of the Israeli Government...Soleimani was a hard liner who wanted nothing to do with Israel's one belt one road...he had to be taken out! All for the greater Israel project!

Since Israel's conception the plan was to expand the territory around the middle east and in order to do this, it must first destabilise the Middle East with the help of none other the United States of America!

How many Vietnamese people were killed in the Vietnam war? How many Iraqis slaughtered in the first and second Iraq wars? All in the name of Freedom! or is it all for Israel?

Another overlooked fact is Nixon's resignation. the official story is Watergate, what the American people were not told was is that in 1971 had instructed officials to investigate activities of the large number of Jewish IRS because he have concerns they were protecting wealthy Jews in America from paying their taxes

In 1982 under operation peace for galilee 18,000 men women and children where slaughtered and the then Prime minister Menachem Begin states "of this massacre we do not have to answer to the world only to ourselves".

How about 9/11?

Wait...that was Osama Bin Laden? A man who was in a an unknown cave somewhere in Afghanistan... right?. 9/11 was a Mossad planned and executed operation with the backing of the US Government! This has been researched and verified! Yet the Rothchild owned covered the truth from the American people!

Please watch Aaron Russo explain 9/11 and the Global Agenda

Let's not forget about ISIS which is funded by none other then the American Government and its allies! and ISIS stands for:

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service


Mossad's Moto is - By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Make War!

Please watch the 3 minute video!

My point the American government...who promote freedom around the world is just as guilty of genocide as the Bolshevik Billionaires who run America!

But in the eyes of most people the American Government is about liberating people from oppression of tyrannical governments and providing freedom to the people...but off course they are!

Question...if Americans knew the real truth about the Israeli government what do you think would happen?

America and the world will never hold the Israeli Government accountable! and we know why because they run and own everything!

Some of the Israeli Owned and Operated Organisations

Federal Reserve owned and operated by Ashkenazi Jews

Pfizer run by Ashkenazi Jews

CDC and FDA run by Ashkenazi Jews

UN run and funded by Ashkenazi Jews

IMF and World Bank Owned and run by Ashkenazi Jews

Hollywood Operated and run by Ashkenazi Jews

CNN Operated and run by Ashkenazi Jews

FOX Operated and run by Ashkenazi Jews

SKY NEWS Operated and run by Ashkenazi Jews

MSNBC Operated and run by Ashkenazi Jews

The plan is simple:

Enslave humanity and Depopulate the planet down to 500,000 people!

Remember Mossad's moto...By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Make War!

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