Kevin Mckernan and the Live-Dead qRT-PCR Problem

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Kevin is the CSO and Founder of Medicinal Genomics and has pioneered the genomics of cannabis and hemp to build a stronger scientific environment ( for the study of cannabis based therapeutics and blockchain technologies for tracking and verifying cannabis genetics. Previously, Kevin was the CSO of Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc., and was Vice President and Director of R&D of Life Technologies where he managed the development of Life.

Technologies next generation SOLiD sequencing technology. Integral to the SOLiD R&D process, Kevin oversaw over 100 research collaborations exploring the new biological frontiers with next generation sequencing and saw particular excitement and traction in human tumour sequencing. Kevin initiated an R&D project to investigate chemFET semiconductor based DNA sequencing and spearheaded a process to acquire the DNA sequencing company Ion Torrent for $350M. These collaborations resulted in hundreds of publications and 7 Journal covers from Science Translational Medicine to Nature.

Kevin was the President and CSO of Agencourt Personal Genomics, a startup company he co-founded in 2005 to invent revolutionary sequencing technologies that dropped the cost of sequencing a human genome from $300M to $3,000; a 100,000-fold improvement in sequencing speed and cost in a few years. In 2000, Kevin Co-Founded Agencourt Biosciences Corporation and acted as the CSO until it was acquired by Beckman Coulter. Kevin also managed the R&D for the Human Genome Project at Whitehead Institute/MIT resulting in several patents for nucleic acid purification. Kevin holds a B.S. in Biology from Emory University with a focus on cloning and expressing Norepinephrine Transporters. When not decoding DNA and unravelling the mysteries of cannabis medicine, Kevin enjoy boating, skiing, and gardening.

Cannabis Genome Project,2011. Developed the SOLiD sequencer. R&D lead Human Genome Project at MIT/WIBR

Non public CQ values on qPCR is like having public discussions about earthquakes while hiding the Richter scale.

The Live-Dead qRT-PCR problem, the testing industrial complex and its impact on society. I never thought the work I did for the human genome project would be weaponized to lock down society. We are now ruled by qPCR right and the transparency on the process is shameful.

I hope to convey the need to push for public transparency on the CQ values being utilized to count “case” #'s. I also hope to convey the need for home testing and how this regains our medical privacy. It is clearly required for any personalized medicine dream to materialize.

Why listen to me? I’ve done a lot of PCR (25 yrs). Below is factory floor our R&D team designed, programmed, and maintained at The Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research. It processed 40M Sanger sequencing reactions/year (a more complicated version of linear PCR)