Letter to an Medical Doctor


Dear Sir/Madame,

I recently received the invitation to receive a SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine, it is great to see a heath care professional contacting me and watching out for my best health interests.

Before making any related medical decisions, as a concerned citizen in these uncertain times, I have a few technical questions which I would really appreciate you answering if possible. I have numbered them for ease of answer and follow up. Would you be so kind as to respond in writing to the following points.

1. Give me the complete list of vaccine ingredients currently in circulation in our country

2. Certify that the vaccine you plan to inject me does not contain MRC5 ( aborted fetal cells or traces of human DNA), which would go against my religious beliefs

3 Certify that there is no risk of iatrogenic reactions

4. Inform me of all contraindications and potential side effects, repairable or irreparable, in the

short, medium and long terms

5. Certify myself unequivocally and in good faith, in compliance with article 13 of the Oviedo

Convention (3), that this technology does not have the potential to modify DNA human thanks

to what is called reverse transcriptase, which explicitly allows transfer of information from


6. Certify that this vaccine does not contain inserts of the HIV virus

7. Certify that the vaccine does not contain a Radiofrequency Identification chip (Rfid) or

nanotechnology in any form

8. Certify that all the medical parameters concerning the tests and studies required have been been


9. Specify what are the other possible treatments to fight against SARS-CoV-2 by detailing the

advantages and disadvantages of each treatment, within the meaning of Article 2 of Nuremberg Code

In addition, please answer me simply, yes or no, to the following questions: