Liberal MP Arrested at Demonstration - Victoria’s Private Police out of control

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Michael Moore 7 November 2020

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Liberal MP David Limbrick was arrested Saturday 2nd October after giving an interview to the media. He was, in his own words,

I was arrested after being herded with hundreds of others, held for hours in the heat squished together and offered water from a bucket. This is how Victorians are treated.”

He said, “A senior Officer told him: "OK. I'm going to give you some water, but if any of you throw these cups at my members, it's fucking over. I didn't take his filthy bucket water.” He also pointed out , “I think I’m now the only politician who has witnessed first hand both the BLM protest back in June and the anti-lockdown protest today. Were they treated differently? Absolutely yes. Shocking.”

And on that day also Journalist, WHO HAD A MEDICAL CERTIFICATE EXEMPTING HER FROM WEARING A MASK, AND A WORK PERMIT was arrested THREE times. I wonder if the police cause the very problem s they think they are solving. Herding people together and then arresting them for not social distancing. That is like ordering someone at gun point in to house and then charging them with breaking and entering.

Welcome to the Victorian Police State where Victorian citizens are treated like cattle.

But who are the Police in Victoria? Are they part of the government? Where do they get their power? Well NO. In fact they are a PRIVATE COMPANY, NOT a Government body. Here is proof. This is the contract with a private company covering the period from 29/10/2019 to 31/12/2019. This contract was possibly extended or replaced by another. No other State in Australia uses a private company. ALL have the Police Department as part of the State Government and the Federal Police are part and parcel of the Federal Government. Ah but in Victorian. It is different. They have a private company as a police force. I bet this is something your local policeman does not know. He does not work for the State Government, He works for a private enterprise.

ANNUAL REVENUE 2019 $2.34 billion USD Name: Police Department

ABN: 63 446 481 493Address: Melbourne, Victoria. Police was turned into a corporation the time of the enactment of the Victoria Police Act 2013. As a result, Victoria Police is also subject to various corporations laws under state and federal jurisdiction. Victoria Police lie under oath every single day in the courts with zero repercussions, and even laugh about it to the faces of their victims. Victoria Police state that they shred evidence (e.g. Eugene Matthews - Sunshine Magistrates' Court), a perversion in the course of justice (a criminal offence), and they are still allowed to come to work the next day. The Victoria Police oath is to a false entities, i.e. the Queen / parliament, where the person swearing the oath is liable for criminal charges which include incarceration. Victoria Police attitude to their oath of office is "I don't give a sh!t about the oath" (Colin Greenland, Nunawading Highway Patrol).

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In a recent protest demonstration (allowed by the Chief Commissioner in a public briefing the week before) 400 people were arrested and fined. No reason for the arrest was given even when asked.

Police corruption has been reported on frequent occasions even up to the present day with the Gobbo affair.

What is disturbing is that the police can pick and choose (or are given orders) what demonstrations or protest they will allow or which the will not (for example a protest on Black Lives matter and one on climate control was left alone but those regarding Danial Andrews are heavily suppressed.

The GOOD news is that the Police can be sued in a civil court. This includes INDIVIDUAL POLICE MEMBERS. If any Police Officer tries to arrest you, you can point out that you will be suing them in the Supreme court for illegal arrest and if they manhandle you then you WILL sue them for assault. A few hundred of those will not go down well wit zee Police who MIGHT change their attitude of blindly following ze orders, vich must be obeyed at all times, to let’s not do this.

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