Linda Dessau

11 Nov 2021 | Michael Moore |

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Labor appointed State Governor General of Victorian, Linda Dessau was appointed the Governor of Victoria in 2015 by the Labor Government. Her salary is around 425,000 per year (8173 dollars per week). When she returns in about three years’ time she will get a very generous pension and will still be able to earn a salary on top of that without losing the pension. All at tax payers expense I might add.

She ‘earns’ her eight thousand dollars a week by going to official functions and having dinner, laying wreaths on ANZAC day and similar activities.

She is conspicuously absent with regard to parliament and apparently blind to the suffering her ‘mate’ Daniel Andrews is causing in the State of Victoria. While she eats her way through 5 course meals at state banquets (And understand a ‘banquet means LOTs of food), Victoria is suffering with loss of small businesses and jobs people out on the street, no money, no food and mental health issues on the rise with suicides increasing and bankruptcies abounding. No effort is made by her to curb the draconian communistic measures employed by the State Premier because, it seems, he is after all, her buddy and sister in law.

According to Wikipedia, Dessau was educated at St Catherine's School, Toorak, She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours from the University of Melbourne in 1973 and worked as a solicitor from 1974 to 1978, and as a barrister from 1979 to 1995, specialising in family law and commercial litigation.

Dessau is one of five Jewish people to have served in a vice regal capacity in Australia, Dessau has been embroiled in an expenses scandal, which saw her personally have to repay the expenses of lunches at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant and at Harrods, which had originally been paid by the Victorian taxpayer. In 2016, the level of expenses for capital works and ongoing maintenance At Government House requested by Dessau were alleged to be excessive, and a former Government House employee told the Herald Sun that the working environment there was "toxic".

Dessau is married to Anthony Howard AM QC, a former judge of the County Court of Victoria. They were married in 1982 and have two sons. In 2021 their son Ollie became engaged to Lauren Thurin, the granddaughter of billionaire property developer John Gandel.

It seems Suffering Victorians can expect no mercy from the Victorian Governor in her luxurious comfortable house provided free by the taxpayer.

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