Lockdown Deaths, Not Covid Deaths

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

It seems that lock downs cause more deaths than COVID-19. ‘excess’ deaths which would not have occurred if there were no lock downs have been reported by the New York Times.

From Tom Woods page:

“In an article called "The pandemic's real toll? 300,000, and it's not just from the coronavirus," the Times writes: "In many cases, patients may have delayed seeking medical attention or going to the emergency room, either out of fear of contracting the virus or because medical care was not available. Substance abuse disorders and psychological stress may also be playing a role in excess deaths."

The Times quotes a doctor as saying,

“It’s important for people who have these conditions to not delay or forgo medical care because of their fears of the virus. In many cases, the danger of not getting care is much greater than the risk of exposure to the virus."”pite this Lock Downs are still being urged around the world. Even Supreme courts recognise the deadliness of Lockdowns. The Spanish Court has rejected a call for lock down saying it infringes people’s rights. In Melbourne the Lock Done is illegal as it contravenes the Bio Security Act of 2015 where an individual mist be informed if his actions are to be restricted. This has caused so much trouble for the Victorian Government that they have delayed all court and civil actions until next year in order to delay the lifting of the lock down.

Meanwhile, despite the repeated failures -- and indeed the outright deadliness -- of lockdowns, they're being urged again all over the world once again. The way they intend to cope with a virus most people never even know they had is by limiting people to groups of two, confining them to a few miles from their houses, preventing them from visiting practically anyone, and cancelling everything they love -- and repeating this periodically, as if a society can be run like this. Looking at the curves for deaths at worldometer.info for lockdown and non-lockdown countries, the same pattern emerges for BOTH locked down and none locked down cities. Go figure.

On top of that, when "cases" fall, people, such as the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, congratulate themselves that their lock down did the trick. If they rise, then it is the citizens fault for not complying with their draconian orders. Orders which must be obeyed at all times.

Sick Sick Sick.

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