Mandatory QR Codes In Victoria

04 April 2021 | Michael Moore Email:

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One disturbing aspect of the Victorian Emergency Powers act is the enforcement of the Restrictive Activity Directions Policy.

This enforces giving the names and contact number of everyone who attends various activities around Victoria, from going out for a coffee in a café to attending church worship. It covers pretty much most activities and enables the Victorian Government to monitor where each individual is when they leave their home.

Due to the emergency powers this is now mandatory.

In short the Chief Health Officer (That plus the Sutton family firmly entrenched in the health sector (Professor Brett Sutton borrowed from the Burnet Institute to act as Victorian Chief Health Officer and his brother Trevor Sutton married to Jane Halton, a non-medical person who chairs the global Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and in March 2020 was appointed to the executive board of the Australian National COVID-19 Coordination Commission.) holds the whip hand on giving the Victorian Government carte blanche in keeping a track record of who goes where and does what. to the document, “For the purposes of these directions, the restricted activity period is the period beginning at 11:59:00 pm on 30 April 2021 and ending at 11:59:00 pm on 7 May 2021.” However these can be extended at any time and likely to be.

Note that there is NO Community Sars-cov-2 (Corona Virus) in Victoria. And the only time there has been is when the government instituted hotel quarantine has been implemented to house overseas visitors.

The document stats essentially that anywhere you visit you MUST give your name and contact number through the QR process to the place you are visiting. That information is passed to the Victorian Government who state that it is kept for 28 days. In view of the past history of the Victorian Government Where they have been hacked, confidential information has been found in waste bins and the complete lack of honesty, I am hesitant to assume this is so.

A complete copy of the Restrictive Activities Policy can be found at:


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