Mark Devlin Talks To MOB About Potential Arrest of Criminal MP's

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Mark Devlin Talks To MOB About Potential Arrest of UK Government, on the Good Vibrations podcast. COVID-1984 PCP Update This afternoon, our legal team asked for another three weeks to prepare the case, just as Parliament voted in favour of a 2nd fraudulent, treasonous and murderous lockdown. Since we simply don't have three weeks to wait and we don't agree that the arguments are complex enough to justify such a delay, especially given the circumstances, we will therefore aim to have the information laid ourselves tomorrow. In the event we do get it done by then, house arrest warrants will be issued against the accused and we would seek to enforce them without hesitation or delay, treating the new authoritarian decrees with the contempt they deserve. However, even if we are unable to lay the information in a criminal court tomorrow, we will rely upon the Grand Jury indictments we have already secured, which will be made public by the morning. This alone authorises the arrest and charging of all the accused, under the protection of the Common Law and Magna Carta 2020. Parliament must now be considered dissolved and devoid of both authority to act and legitimacy, on the ground that it has been proven to be criminal in nature. The puppet masters and minions will also be indicted on the same charges in due course, after the political puppets inevitably squeal on those pulling their strings. Just imagine the spontaneous street parties, bonfires and fireworks, in celebration of the Freedom, Sovereignty and Power of the People, if we bear witness to the metaphorical blowing up of a criminal Parliament, on November the 5th 2020. COVID-1984 would be at a sudden abrupt end and justice would soon be done. History would then record that on the anniversary of the notorious recalcitrant Guy Fawkes's foiled plot to bring down tyrannous government, his descendants arrested Doris and his criminal cabinet, before building a new advanced civilisation upon the ruins of the Empire of Ill-Gotten Gains, by protecting the rights of the individual above those of the collective, so that such tyranny can never rise again on these shores. This is our moment to act, so we must seize it now, in the name of securing the freedom of all our children and holding traitors to account for their crimes, under the protection of the Common Law. Let's make it happen peacefully with nationwide totalitarian non-compliance and non-violent direct action, uniting into an unstoppable force for good in this world, without any more fannying around. Remember remember, the 5th of November. #PeoplesUnionofBritain#MagnaCarta2020

Source: The Bernician

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