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Michael Moore 24 November 2020

Medical references disproving the narrative on COVID with regard to vaccines and masks.

Some people have gone about asking, “Who am I to comment on COVID and the medical evidence disproving the narrative?”

Well I am not a medical practitioner or scientist. A virologist or epidemiologist. But, as a researcher, I DO READ their papers and I accept what they say on the assumption they are professionals in their field. My presumption is based on the idea that professionals in the field have more authority than the mainstream media.

Here is a list of SOME of the statements and papers I have read. Feel free to read any of them and make up your own mind.

We start with three eminent epidemiologists from the three most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. C4868614/,cell%20culture%20of%20eukaryotic%20cells.

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