No Excuse For Killing Children

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Michael Moore | May 31 2021 | Email

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The image above is a poor commentary on how evil a nation can become. Killing children must rank as as the lowest dregs of humanity a nation or government can become.

The Zionist government, or if they are not they are certainly the Zionist servants, fighting the Palestine organisation called Hammas (which the Zionist created in order to fight Ararat) has resulted in suffering and anguish and death on both sides of the fence.

This is despicable. How does ANY side justify the killing of children. “Oh they use children as defence.” Is no excuse. Or children are taught in schools to hate, is no excuse either.

Let me ask a question.

In what circumstance do you think it is OK to kill children?

If there is one, do let us know. Because I cannot think of excuse to bomb the shit out of children or kidnap them under the disguise of ‘arresting’ them.

Perhaps the Zionists and the Hammas should go away to a desert somewhere and fight it out there where no civilians will be maimed or killed. If they cared for the people they purport to serve that would be the case but it is evident they are more concerned with being right than the lives of those they pretend to protect.

Lives mean little to such terrorist groups (And make no mistake BOTH sides are terrorist groups) and if any of those sides think they are going to ‘Valhalla’ on death they have a rude awakening in store for them.

Stop the killing NOW!

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