No proof of infectious strain

21 July 2021 | Michael Moore |

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According to a document received by Daniel Roystas, under the Freedom of Information Act, Australia, there are no documents that point to an infectious strain of any virus in Australia.

This begs the question, what are the lock downs really for? In view of the fact that the lock downs only apply to small business and not large business or the construction industry for example one wonders what the real purpose of the lock downs are and why ‘health’ is cited as a justification.

One can also consider the ‘secret’ arrangements the Australian government has with the pharmaceutical companies that are making billions (a billion is a thousand million) from vaccines that are becoming increasingly ‘mandatory.’

Here is the letter from the Australian Government Department of Health.

One can only conclude that Health is being used as a justification for a series of lock downs designed to destroy small business and people’s livelihoods unless they take the manufactured mRNA responsible for deaths and serious adverse effects to counter a virus little different to the common cold and influenza. And which almost always dies out when confronted by herd immunity.

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