14 September 2021 | Michael Moore | Email:

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The NSW health minister Brad ‘Hazard’ is trying to mandate, without a law in place, to prevent people worshiping in church unless they are vaccinated.

No vaccination, no worship. AND no singing!

“The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Kanishka Raffel and other faith leaders are lobbying Mr Hazzard directly on the issue, and some ministers have publicly contemplated civil disobedience if the government keeps the requirement.” It was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on Sept the 12th.

Brad Hazzard seems determined to prevent people worshiping in church if they have not been vaccinated. The Church disagrees with this discrimination which will apply to all religions and churches, mosques and temples and threatens to penalise churches and worshipers if they violate his mandate.

“Churches have a responsibility to minister to all, regardless of immunisation status, so we will be discussing with government how we can fulfil that ministry commitment in future stages of the recovery,” Archbishop Raffel told The Sun-Herald. “We want everybody to be safe at church, but we also want to make sure we minister to everybody.”

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher said he and other religious leaders had told the government worship was “an essential service, not mere recreation” for many people.

“We explained that all our faiths are inclined to allow all comers to worship, that many pastors and faithful would be uneasy with restricting worship to the fully vaccinated, and that doing so could prove very divisive,” he said.

Even singing is not allowed. Perhaps praying too. Is this Brad Hazzard’s personal views on religion surfacing with using health as an excuse?

Fisher went on, “I think it’s really important to note that all of our acceptance of government limitations to date I consider to have been voluntary, that the government doesn’t have the right to forbid people meeting as Christians, and we have chosen to accept and comply - rightly in my view.

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