None Dare Call It Conspiracy - The Plan for a New World Order

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Source Gary Allan

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Chapter 1 - Don't Confuse Me With Facts

Most of us have had the experience, either as parents or youngsters, of trying to

discover the "hidden picture" within another picture in a children's magazine. Usually

you are shown a landscape with trees, bushes, flowers and other bits of nature.

The caption reads something like this: "Concealed somewhere in this picture is a donkey

pulling a cart with a boy in it. Can you find them?" Try as you might, usually you

could not find the hidden picture until you turned to a page farther back in the

magazine which would reveal how cleverly the artist had hidden it from us. If we

study the landscape we realize that the whole picture was painted in such a way as to

conceal the real picture within, and once we see the "real picture," it stands out like

the proverbial painful digit.

We believe the picture painters of the mass media are artfully creating landscapes for

us which deliberately hide the real picture. In this book we will show you how to

discover the "hidden picture" in the landscapes presented to us daily through

newspapers, radio and television. Once you can see through the camouflage, you will

see the donkey, the cart and the boy who have been there all along.

Millions of Americans are concerned and frustrated over mishappenings in our nation.

They feel that something is wrong, drastically wrong, but because of the picture

painters they can't quite put their fingers on it.

Maybe you are one of those persons. Something is bugging you, but you aren't sure

what. We keep electing new Presidents who seemingly promise faithfully to halt the

world-wide Communist advance, put the blocks to extravagant government spending,

douse the fires of inflation, put the economy on an even keel, reverse the trend which

is turning the country into a moral sewer, and toss the criminals into the hoosegow

where they belong. Yet, despite high hopes and glittering campaign promises, these

problems continue to worsen no matter who is in office. Each new administration,

whether it be Republican or Democrat, continues the same basic policies of the

previous administration which it had so thoroughly denounced during the election

campaign. It is considered poor form to mention this, but it is true nonetheless. Is

there a plausible reason to explain why this happens? We are not supposed to think so.

We are supposed to think it is all accidental and coincidental and that therefore there

is nothing we can do about it.

FDR once said "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it

was planned that way." He was in a good position to know. We believe that many of

the major world events that are shaping our destinies occur because somebody or

somebodies have planned them that way. If we were merely dealing with the law of

averages, half of the events affecting our nation's well-being should be good for

America. If we were dealing with mere incompetence, our leaders should occasionally

make a mistake in our favor. We shall attempt to prove that we are not really dealing

with coincidence or stupidity, but with planning and brilliance. This small book deals

with that planning and brilliance and how it has shaped the foreign and domestic

policies of the last six administrations. We hope it will explain matters which have up

to now seemed inexplicable; that it will bring into sharp focus images which have

been obscured by the landscape painters of the mass media.

Those who believe that major world events result from planning are laughed at for

believing in the "conspiracy theory of history." Of course, no one in this modern day

and age really believes in the conspiracy theory of history -except those who have

taken the time to study the subject. When you think about it, there are really only two

theories of history. Either things happen by accident neither planned nor caused by

anybody, or they happen because they are planned and somebody causes them to

happen. In reality, it is the "accidental theory of history" preached in the unhallowed

Halls of Ivy which should be ridiculed. Otherwise, why does every recent

administration make the same mistakes as the previous ones? Why do they repeat the

errors of the past which produce inflation, depressions and war? Why does our State

Department "stumble" from one Communist-aiding "blunder" to another? If you

believe it is all an accident or the result of mysterious and unexplainable tides of

history, you will be regarded as an "intellectual" who understands that we live in a

complex world. If you believe that something like 32,496 consecutive coincidences

over the past forty years stretches the law of averages a bit, you are a kook!

Why is it that virtually all "reputable" scholars and mass media columnists and

commentators reject the cause and effect or conspiratorial theory of history?

Primarily, most scholars follow the crowd in the academic world just as most women

follow fashions. To buck the tide means social and professional ostracism. The same

is true of the mass media. While professors and pontificators profess to be tolerant

and broadminded, in practice it's strictly a one way street-with all traffic flowing left.

A Maoist can be tolerated by Liberals of Ivory Towerland or by the Establishment's

media pundits, but to be a conservative, and a conservative who propounds a

conspiratorial view, is absolutely verboten. Better you should be a drunk at a national

WCTU convention!

Secondly, these people have over the years acquired a strong vested emotional interest

in their own errors. Their intellects and egos are totally committed to the accidental

theory. Most people are highly reluctant to admit that they have been conned or have

shown poor judgment. To inspect the evidence of the existence of a conspiracy

guiding our political destiny from behind the scenes would force many of these

people to repudiate a lifetime of accumulated opinions. It takes a person with strong

character indeed to face the facts and admit he has been wrong even if it was because

he was uninformed.

Such was the case with the author of this book. It was only because he set out to prove

the conservative anti-Communists wrong that he happened to end up writing this

book. His initial reaction to the conservative point of view was one of suspicion and

hostility; and it was only after many months of intensive research that he had to admit

that he had been "conned."

Politicians and "intellectuals" are attracted to the concept that events are propelled by

some mysterious tide of history or happen by accident. By this reasoning they hope to

escape the blame when things go wrong.

Most intellectuals, pseudo and otherwise, deal with the conspiratorial theory of

history simply by ignoring it. They never attempt to refute the evidence. It can't be

refuted. If and when the silent treatment doesn't work, these "objective" scholars and

mass media opinion molders resort to personal attacks, ridicule and satire. The

personal attacks tend to divert attention from the facts which an author or speaker is

trying to expose. The idea is to force the person exposing the conspiracy to stop the

exposure and spend his time and effort defending himself.

However, the most effective weapons used against the conspiratorial theory of history

are ridicule and satire. These extremely potent weapons can be cleverly used to avoid

any honest attempt at refuting the facts. After all, nobody likes to be made fun of.

Rather than be ridiculed most people will keep quiet; and, this subject certainly does

lend itself to ridicule and satire. One technique which can be used is to expand the

conspiracy to the extent it becomes absurd. For instance, our man from the Halls of

Poison Ivy might say in a scoffingly arrogant tone, "I suppose you believe every

liberal professor gets a telegram each morning from conspiracy headquarters

containing his orders for the day's brainwashing of his students?" Some

conspiratorialists do indeed overdraw the picture by expanding the conspiracy (from

the small clique which it is) to include every local knee-jerk liberal activist and

government bureaucrat. Or, because of racial or religious bigotry, they will take small

fragments of legitimate evidence and expand them into a conclusion that will support

their particular prejudice, i.e., the conspiracy is totally "Jewish," "Catholic," or

"Masonic." These people do not help to expose the conspiracy, but, sadly play into the

hands of those who want the public to believe that all conspiratorialists are screwballs.

"Intellectuals" are fond of mouthing clichés like "The conspiracy theory is often

tempting. However, it is overly simplistic." To ascribe absolutely everything that

happens to the machinations of a small group of power hungry conspirators is overly

simplistic. But, in our opinion nothing is more simplistic than doggedly holding onto

the accidental view of major world events.

In most cases Liberals simply accuse all those who discuss the conspiracy of being

paranoid. "Ah, you right wingers," they say, "rustling every bush, kicking over every

rock, looking for imaginary boogeymen." Then comes the coup de grace-labeling the

conspiratorial theory as the "devil theory of history." The Liberals love that one. Even

though it is an empty phrase, it sounds so sophisticated!

With the leaders of the academic and communications world assuming this sneering

attitude towards the conspiratorial (or cause and effect) theory of history, it is not

surprising that millions of innocent and well-meaning people, in a natural desire not to

appear naive, assume the attitudes and repeat the clichés of the opinion makers. These

persons, in their attempt to appear sophisticated, assume their mentors' air of smug

superiority even though they themselves have not spent five minutes in study on the

subject of international conspiracy.

The "accidentalists" would have us believe that ascribing any of our problems to

planning is 'simplistic" and all our problems are caused by Poverty, Ignorance and

Disease--hereinafter abbreviated as FID. They ignore the fact that organized

conspirators use PID, real and imagined, as an excuse to build a jail for us all. Most of

the world has been in PID since time immemorial and it takes incredibly superficial

thinking to ascribe the ricocheting of the United States government from one disaster

to another over the past thirty years to PID. "Accidentalists" ignore the fact that some