Notes from Stasiland 2.0

Michael Joseph November 11, 2020

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The Stasi were the secret police of the (East) German Democratic Republic (DDR, 1949-1990), and were particularly adept at spying on people, and that was greatly aided and abetted by one’s fellow citizens: to ‘snitch’ was to be a patriot. I mention that now, because since one week ago in Germany, we have entered our very wonderful “Lockdown-Light” (LL) ordered by Merkel’s Corona-Regime. The dictate ordered all restaurants, bars and sports facilities across the whole country to close for the month of November. Social life was further curtailed by limiting meetings to just two households. So, if you could not meet your friends in a pub, you could not (officially) meet them at home either, unless those friends all lived together. Just do it anyway? Well, it depends where you live. We have a large house, but it is surrounded by neighbours, many of whom overlook us, and it only needs one zealot to sound the alarm and you face a bill of several thousand Euros. That is a very expensive pint. The LL-diktat came just hours after a meeting of the judiciary, medics and scientists had declared the first lockdown to be against the constitution and without any sound medical or scientific justification. Sure sounds like a dictatorship to me.

This new lockdown is by no means just in Germany; it is across Europe. We live in the so called “Dreilaendereck” (3-country-corner) where Germany-France-Switzerland meet, and get to observe at first hand the differential diktats from the different Regimes, formerly known as social democracies. In France, people cannot leave their houses for more than an hour at a time, and even then must carry a piece of printed paper that clearly describes their mission. Those that work, do, but mostly that is at home wherever possible. In Switzerland, there is relatively more freedom. All the restaurants and bars are open and there is little or no restriction on the number of households meeting, provided they keep their distance.

However, mask-mandates are everywhere including even at work and schools. In my business, we are strongly recommended to work from home. Being a bit of a rebel, I go in once a week to my office, but there is little point really, since more than 90% of people are at home and the few remaining sad individuals are all wearing masks so communication is not exactly encouraged. As an eternal optimist, I still try to engage people in conversation and ask whether they think these restrictions are reasonable, when for a pandemic, it is remarkable how none of us know anyone at present who is ill, and in Germany and Switzerland there has been no excess mortality at all in 2020. But, I guess this is part of the idea of the LL; people cannot easily meet to discuss and counter the absurdities spouted by the mainstream media. And what do they say? “Oh, but the infections are going up all the time. Just yesterday, there were 5000 new ones! Whoa and Whoa!” It really is like living with a bunch of Jeramiahs (the weeping prophet). They tell me that people are “waking-up” all the time, and ones sees this at the ever-increasing number of demonstrations. Well maybe so, but it is painfully slow, and where I work, it seems that the brainwashing has been particularly effective.

So what of the Resistance? There certainly is a resistance movement in Germany, which has been loud and persistent since April. Massive demonstrations of 1-2 million people occurred twice in Berlin in August, and there was a similarly large one in Leipzig last weekend (7th-November). I did not attend that one, but followed the livestreams, and I am very happy to say it was well attended, speeches were made and a procession went through the city and best of all, this time (unlike Berlin), there was no violence from the police. In my small local town, we also now have regular demonstrations since a few weeks organized by the Querdenken (Lateral-Thinkers) group. Every Monday, there is a candle-lit procession walking through the town too. Perhaps this will grow like in the DDR. Or, will the police stop it according to the new “LL-rules”? I do not know; watch this space. In Basel, there was also a large demonstration of at least 500 people at their main Conference-Square. I attended that one briefly. It was good to see the Swiss waking-up at last, but boy, are they heavy sleepers!

It seems obvious to me, that we need more than just beautiful, peaceful demonstrations. No, I am not advocating violence, but unless we can get literally half the population to come out on the streets so that the police also lay down their badges and join us, I am pessimistic that demonstrations alone will change the course of the great ship Corona-Regime. We need the courts to work for us and prove illegality so that the Regime is forced to resign. There are a number of different activities that I know of, that are working in that direction, but their actual status is difficult to know. Another important activity is the setting-up of new political-parties, and indeed there are several new ones that I know of in Germany alone. In the long term, this is crucial, to provide us with a real choice, for it has been clear for several months that there is no real opposition in Germany, and again, that is reflected around most of Europe. How that happened, requires another essay.

Finally, if anyone doubts that we have again entered Stasiland in Germany, just consider these facts. According to files found in the Berlin archive, the Stasi kept a record of dissident’s body odour by using a cotton wool pad from the victim’s crotch and training sniffer dogs to recognise that odour so the unfortunate individual could later be traced if necessary. In Corona-Times, dogs are being trained to sniff-out “covid-positive” saliva, urine and sweat, as a means to quickly identify “positive-cases”. Yes, something even worse than the PCR-test; a further recipe for fear, mistrust and misuse.

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