Notes from Stasiland 3.99 (Jan-2021)

Michael Joseph 27 January 2021

Not much has changed here in Dreiländereck (DLE) in the last 6weeks, except entrenchment, a feeling that we are in for the long haul, leading somewhere new, but exactly what is hard to know. It is fun, interesting and probably important to speculate and debate, but there is very little right now that most of us can really know.

There are a few facts of which I am certain. Covid is not a deadly disease, therefore the MSM have been lying non-stop for a year and covid must be a smokescreen for something else. The question of course is “what?” Do we expect in the long run a much brighter future than what we have always believed was reality, where humankind is fully awake, co-operative and healthy, or are we heading for Klaus Schwab`s dystopian vision of transhumanism and full State control? Well, the purpose of this short article is not to provide an extensive reply to that question, but mainly to describe what is going on in DLE as a microcosm of current events in Europe. However, I will say this. Most of us right now, are living in some sort of fear all the time, whether it is fear of an early grave for ourselves, or those close to us from a lethal virus, loss of work, or social-contact, or a Police-State, or something approaching all those endless dark-blue films that have been pouring out of Hollywood the last 20 years. We need to stop. We need to stop being fearful, get a grip, and have a vision of what we want the world to be. All this endless fear-porn is completely counter-productive, and only helps to delay what we really want to happen.

Actually, there are many more interesting questions with respect to just covid itself, like what is it really, considering that the virus has never been isolated, and why it apparently, almost exclusively, targets the old and “infirm” leaving children untouched entirely, which is completely different to the mortalities associated with influenza. Well, one advantage of house-arrest, is that there is plenty of time to think and read (and write). Personally, I have been on a very long journey since March-2020, and it is still going. In that time, I have become convinced that the whole concept of vicious infectious viruses is, at the very least, highly exaggerated, and what really makes us ill is much more subtle than that. What provides good health, is fresh food of a wide variety, fresh air, an environment free of toxins (including self-administered drugs) and a positive mind-set. References for this perspective are provided at the end of this article.

Anyway, to current events in DLE, or rather a simulacra of the DDR i.e. StasiLand. Last week, the 18th-January was officially “Wir Machen Auf”, that is, Germany was going to make a stand against the never-ending Lockdowns and start opening its shops and restaurants and bars. Similar actions had already taken place in Spain, Poland and particularly in Italy (so we are shown by the alternative media), where over 50,000 restaurants had defiantly opened and people had begun to meet and eat at the street cafes just like in the recent past. Where I live, there has been no such activity. We know three shop-owners personally, but two of them are Chemists, so they are open anyway, while the third, a book-shop, is making-do by providing an ordering and take-away service. That approach provides circa 50% of their normal income, so they can get by for a while; but for how long? I suppose one needs at least 30% of the town-centre to open-up, otherwise victimization is easy, and I just do not see that happening here in quiet, peaceful DLE. At least, not now.

Besides the “never-ending-lockdown”, our rights have in general, been sliced back a bit further. Now, each household is only allowed to have one visitor (even if that household might consist of 5 or more people!). On Monday, there will be a requirement to where an FF2-mask or some other more medical-type mask, in public places. In law, no one is supposed to wear an FF2 mask without a full medical, and even then only for 75 min at a time. Ha! Try telling that to the police. I will continue to wear my multi-functional scarf, the one that makes me look like an old-fashioned bank-robber, so let`s see how long it is before I get mobbed. Of course, people are saying it could be worse, for in Bayern, the FF2 has already been compulsory for a couple of weeks. “They” are just trying it on, aren`t they? How far can they go, before the red line is crossed and people complain or do not comply? I have no idea. Already, the virtue-signallers are proudly wearing their FF2-masks, some of them out in the open countryside. These people are completely crackers, aren`t they? I cannot see them ever waking-up; if they do wake-up, they will die of shock immediately anyway. Sorry about that outburst, but really.

A work-colleague of mine had to have a PCR-test because his wife tested “strongly-positive” when she went into hospital for an operation. He tested negative, but that still meant that he, and his two children, had to stay at home for two weeks and in theory could not even go into their garden. If they had, the “Ordnungsamt” (Office of Order, yuk!) could fine them 1000 Euros. Words fail me, for I am too exasperated at the inverted-logic of such madness. How can anybody think that is a good idea even if we were truly dealing with something akin to bubonic plague? Well, it is important that all this madness is recorded, so that one day, we can prosecute these people, and perhaps even laugh about it long into the night one golden evening in a pub garden.

On a positive note, a man won a court case recently in Weimar, where it was concluded that it was unconstitutional to arrest and fine the man (and his 6 friends) for enjoying a drink outside during the first lockdown in April. Fine. In law, precedence is everything, but does this really open the door to more challenges against these mad lockdowns? In principle yes, but in practise I am not so sure. Look how long it took for that one to succeed. And for sure, the MSM do not cover such events, so how are people going to know about such information and so take courage to challenge the madness operating around them?

On another positive, or perhaps just amusing, note, Mrs Merkel is increasingly showing her real colours. One regularly inquisitive journalist (freelance, of course), persisted on a line of questioning of what data supported the current Lockdown and its extension. She admitted there wasn`t any, it was all political; her decision in fact. Well, well. Again, if that appeared in the MSM, it would all be over in no time. But it doesn`t. I have come to realize the MSM is the long arm of the Deep-State (DS), and it is by such means that the DS have enslaved us all for so long. But look, I have woken-up, and other too, so perhaps the worm really is turning. I remain optimistic, partly because that is my nature, and partly because I just feel, something else is going-on that will change everything. To my mind, it has to be a major event that clearly shows to everyone that they have been lied to by the MSM and their politicians, for over a year, and not just with respect to covid, but also, for example, the fraudulent outcome of the US election and how it was portrayed. When that happens, if it happens, that is the beginning of the end of all things covid.


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