Notes from Stasiland3.9 (Dec-20, 2020)

Michael Joseph 20 December 2020

This was originally written 20 Dec 2020, withheld for the New Year

It is worth restating my opening sentence from last month. The Stasi were the secret police of the (East) German Democratic Republic (DDR, 1949-1990), and were particularly adept at spying on people, and that was greatly aided and abetted by one’s fellow citizens: to ‘snitch’ was to be a patriot.

So how is it going in modern Germany, where many snitch-lines have been set-up for fellow citizens to shop their neighbour? “Here we go again”, said one ex-DDR man at a recent Demo where he made a short speech comparing the Germany of today with that of the infamous DDR. “Much worse”, he said. “In the DDR, the surveillance was not so sophisticated and there was more freedom of movement and we didn’t have to wear masks and it was possible to enjoy life by going to restaurants and bars, cafes, cinemas, theatre. Why, one could even sing!”.

Yes, in Mrs Merkel`s Germany, singing is actually prohibited, because supposedly that is more likely to spread the virus. I mean, surely that is when you know that any regime is evil, when they actually ban singing (in public)! And, today is the 4th of Advent.

Here in Baden-Wuerttemberg, we have a curfew at 8pm; in most other parts of the country it is 9pm. But then BW is a hot-spot for corona infections, or rather, it is a hotspot for the Querdenker-movement (lateral-thinkers). No surprise perhaps that two of the 22 scientific authors on the critique of the Corman-Drosten* paper are based in the small town of Lörrach.

Yesterday, I drove to Freiburg with a friend to attend a large Demo where several “Corona-Celebrities” would be present. The Demo was intended to be a small replacement for the massive one that had been planned in Weil am Rhein, at the junction of Dreilaendereck where France-Germany-Switzerland conjoin.

Many thousands were expected to attend from all three countries and it was hoped to achieve something like what was seen in Leipzig on 7th-November. Well, it was “verboten” by Weil, so Freiburg was chosen as a replacement. One hour before that was due to start, the City of Freiburg forbid that Demo too. Needless to say that was formally illegal, but then the Corona-Regime has performed one illegal act after another since mid-March, so why be surprised?

So, hundreds of people had arrived in the centre of Freiburg and began to spontaneously assemble and agreed to move from the Old Synagogue Square (OSS) to the City Garden (CG) a 10minute walk north. We walked openly without masks (formally another forbidden activity in the centre of Freiburg), since all the police (every one) were still at the OSS. It`s not as if anyone wants to have a 250 Euro fine, is it? We are certainly not protecting ourselves from any deadly virus, because no one in the Querdenker-movement believes there has been anything to be afraid of, if indeed there ever was, since April. By the time we arrived at the CG, there were already some police gathering there too, so we agreed to move up to the top of the hill over-looking the city, that is Cannon- Square.

The police followed us on foot and later with cars to the top. Because there was a Pastor amongst us, we wanted to hold a short Church Service on the side of the hill in the open air on a small patch of land. The police forbid that too, in the 4th week of Advent. And so we drifted away elsewhere and began a silly cat and mouse game for an hour, for wherever we went, the police followed and eventually succeeded in breaking us up. Some of us returned to the CG and paused for a while; the police were no longer to be seen. Soon it became apparent why, for they had arbitrarily blocked Bertholdstrasse (leading back to the OSS) with police at both ends trapping Michael Ballweg in the middle.

Michael Ballweg is famous in Germany for starting the Querdenker-movement back in April, in Stuttgart. If not a leader, he is certainly a figurehead, and the Regime know that, and spend a lot of time defaming him and his ilk.

Within 5 minutes we were all there again, shouting “Freedom, No Dictatorship!” and “Let him go! Let him go!” and came face to face with the police barrier. Now what?.

For 10 minutes we angrily faced each other-off, 60 police in rows against about 300 of us, they pushed one old lady to the floor who was lucky not to bang her head on the first step leading into the University Church of Freiburg.

The pastor took control by taking the megaphone and with wise words brought calm to the situation by saying we were all victims together here, and the police especially, had to look at their conscience and ask themselves what they were defending today. A very good question. You could see in their eyes that the police might be doing just that.

What happened in Freiburg yesterday was a small event; but there are hundreds of similar ones happening all over the country. At the larger ones, the police actually roll out the water-cannons, for example at Bremen and Berlin in November. Yes, in icy conditions they sprayed people with cold water, and in Berlin they beat people to the ground and arrested them for nothing. This was on the infamous day on November-18th, when the Corona-Regime ratified their “Bevoelkerungsschutzgesetz”, which I loosely translate as “peoples-protection-law”; another lovely long German word, but which was actually an “Ermächtigungsgesetz”, meaning they gave themselves further empowerment to tighten the corona-restrictions across the land. It is exactly analogous to the 1933 Enabling-Act which allowed the Chancellor the power to enact laws without the involvement of the government, and to override fundamental aspects of the Constitution. In theory, “they” can march into our houses, take away our children and enforce vaccinations.

Similar laws have been passed in the UK (my origin), and I am sure it is happening, or will soon happen in other countries across Europe too; so there is no escape. The only escape, is for more people to realize that a red-line has been crossed and it is time to go on the streets. But mostly, they are not. It is as if they are hypnotized, and dutifully wear their masks (often carefully selected to match their out-fit of the day), stay quietly at home, and ignore the fact that the economy and therefore their lives are being systematically wrecked. I know some people are genuinely afraid, some I have met, and others one can guess from the fact that they even wear masks in their private cars or, incredibly, on a country walk. Others where the mask because they have an innate fear of doing anything wrong. But many, far too many, are just refusing to face the absurdity of it all. And, it really is becoming so absurd, that one begins to wonder if we are all just extras in a massive drama that is slowly playing out across the globe. Just consider that one of the first people on British TV to be shown receiving the vaccine, was called William Shakespeare (“All the World`s a Stage”), or the nurse who fainted live on TV while explaining that the vaccine she had recently received, had no harmful side-effects. Who is running the show? That is the question.

I can say that in Paris, they are setting light to buildings and laying concrete outside their Parliament, and massive protests can be seen online, but I have no direct experience of this, for I do not travel into France these days, or anywhere much. Everything is forbidden or certainly discouraged.

I do travel once or twice a week into Switzerland to do some duties associated with my job, or attend a Drs appointment. Two Drs refused to grant me a mask exemption, justifying their decision that the masks were harmless and protected others. Two weeks ago, I was in the central square and was able to witness the Basel Christmas Market. My goodness, what a sad sight that was.

Although all the shops and restaurants and bars were open (no longer actually), the large bustling Christmas-Market was cancelled. Just two stalls were there selling coffee or sweets, with, believe it or not, a sign in front of them, on this large square, stating “Maskenpflict”, i.e. one had to wear a mask before one could purchase anything from these two pathetic stalls in these wide open spaces. I mean, come-on people, can you not see the joke! Apparently not. I looked in vain for somewhere that I could at least buy a mulled-wine. No such luck; all banned. Basel has become a really sad place and I was glad to go back across the border to Germany, for there we can still buy mulled-wine at an outlet. Oh, and just to emphasize the absurdity, Basel-City and Basel-Land had (and still have) different laws, so that if I had travelled east for a couple of kilometres, I could easily have consumed alcohol on the open street in Basel-Land.

I am really not sure where all this is going. Either we are going inevitably into a total totalitarian shut-down where the State has complete control of our lives, as it virtually is now, or else, I am near the end of this crazy pantomime, when the house of cards collapses. How will it collapse? It becomes a matter of faith, because I also believe there is a good Elite out there working against the evil plots, and this GE resides in the US White House. Call me mad, but that is my belief. QED, or just Q.


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