Notes from Stasiland3.9 (Dec-20, 2020)

Michael Joseph 20 December 2020

This was originally written 20 Dec 2020, withheld for the New Year

It is worth restating my opening sentence from last month. The Stasi were the secret police of the (East) German Democratic Republic (DDR, 1949-1990), and were particularly adept at spying on people, and that was greatly aided and abetted by one’s fellow citizens: to ‘snitch’ was to be a patriot.

So how is it going in modern Germany, where many snitch-lines have been set-up for fellow citizens to shop their neighbour? “Here we go again”, said one ex-DDR man at a recent Demo where he made a short speech comparing the Germany of today with that of the infamous DDR. “Much worse”, he said. “In the DDR, the surveillance was not so sophisticated and there was more freedom of movement and we didn’t have to wear masks and it was possible to enjoy life by going to restaurants and bars, cafes, cinemas, theatre. Why, one could even sing!”.

Yes, in Mrs Merkel`s Germany, singing is actually prohibited, because supposedly that is more likely to spread the virus. I mean, surely that is when you know that any regime is evil, when they actually ban singing (in public)! And, today is the 4th of Advent.

Here in Baden-Wuerttemberg, we have a curfew at 8pm; in most other parts of the country it is 9pm. But then BW is a hot-spot for corona infections, or rather, it is a hotspot for the Querdenker-movement (lateral-thinkers). No surprise perhaps that two of the 22 scientific authors on the critique of the Corman-Drosten* paper are based in the small town of Lörrach.

Yesterday, I drove to Freiburg with a friend to attend a large Demo where several “Corona-Celebrities” would be present. The Demo was intended to be a small replacement for the massive one that had been planned in Weil am Rhein, at the junction of Dreilaendereck where France-Germany-Switzerland conjoin.

Many thousands were expected to attend from all three countries and it was hoped to achieve something like what was seen in Leipzig on 7th-November. Well, it was “verboten” by Weil, so Freiburg was chosen as a replacement. One hour before that was due to start, the City of Freiburg forbid that Demo too. Needless to say that was formally illegal, but then the Corona-Regime has performed one illegal act after another since mid-March, so why be surprised?

So, hundreds of people had arrived in the centre of Freiburg and began to spontaneously assemble and agreed to move from the Old Synagogue Square (OSS) to the City Garden (CG) a 10minute walk north. We walked