Nurses Speak Out – Watch Nurses Reporting C0VID Vaxxine Deaths and Injuries

04 DEC 2021 | Nurses Speak Out (Anonymous)

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I am an AIN, 5 years with Red Cross, Lifeblood in NSW.

Red Cross still take blood products as normal. There is only a Seven day period post vaccination that we don’t, and that is to allow donors to recover from any adverse reactions they may have.

No internal memos, the only thing I though was funny, they shut down a FB thread on their page that had thousands of people saying they did not want vaccinated people’s blood if they required a transfusion.

Red Cross Lifebloods priority now days is not to collect red blood cells. They want to collect the plasma so they can on sell it to CSL, this is how that make the majority of their money.

When Donors come into centre we have KPIs to convert donors from donating Whole blood to donating plasma. The main focus is get the plasma, if we don’t convert donors we get a generalised “talking to” at our morning meetings.

These below stories could perhaps be coincidence? Who knows. I have worked for Red Cross for 5 years. It has only been in the last 10 months (or so) that there is a weird influx of these stories.

(1) Donor; 2 weeks post AZ looses vision, everything appears like he is looking through a kaleidoscope. Server headaches. Slips in and out of consciousness before seeking helping help. No history of neurological episodes. To date he is under investigation. NSW health determined it was not related to the vaccine

(2) Donor: After second AZ develops rash on face the spreads from upper lip, forehead and over scalp in weird lines. GP diagnoses as shingles. Donor never leaves the house to except to donate

(3) Colleague: within hours of 1st Pfizer. tingling sensation in mouth, gums and throat. Took antihistamines and the sensation didn’t leave. Sensation lasted for about 5 times. During this time lost taste

(4) Donor (Telling story of their daughter): had pfizer whilst pregnant. Pregnancy was ok, no concerns, scans and checkups all clear. Baby Boy born. Within three weeks baby diagnosed with myocarditis and passes away. Extremely sad. Patents asked if it was vaccine related, Drs said no. Again no history of these events in either families

(5) Donor: mid 60s lady. Historically very active. Walking tennis, paints. Is a social butterfly. 4 weeks after getting her 1st AZ she is still struggling to get out of bed and get dressed. This once vibrant lady that was immaculately dressed struggles to do the basic of day to day life.

(6) Donor (Telling story of their daughter): Daughter early 20’s, had Pfizer, developed muscle and join pains. Unable to mobilised freely. One morning struggling to get out of bed they took her to ED. She developed a nurological side effect where she is shaking and unable to function. Her daughter was training to be an RN. My donor now spends her time helping her daughter with rehabilitation. She is improving but won’t be returning to work anytime soon. NSW health determined it was not related to the vaccine

(7) Colleague: RN no Medical history of anything. 1st pfizer, develops brain fog and is very lethargic (uncommon for her) 2nd Pfizer, symptoms increase so much so that she says “I’ll be looking at the most basic of objects and I cannot think what they are called” She is now seeking medical advice to help eleviate her bodily changes

(8) Donor (RN in ED at local hospital): Tells of increase in hard to breathe cases, suspected blood clots. I asked her if she thought they were vaccine related, she said yes, but everyone says it’s not. She just shrugged her shoulders

(9) Donor (tells of her mother): Late 60s/ early 70s. Complicated medical history already but suddenly develops a new complication, Lymphedema in her legs after her AZ. She is now undergoing treated.

(10) Donor (tells of her colleague): Early 30s guys developed pain and swelling in leg, turns out to be blood clots. Had 4 weeks of injections to get rid of them and is now on daily oral medication. Clots in leg are dispersing but still there.

Later scans showed small clots developing in Lungs which they continue to monitor. No personal/ family history. NSW health determined it was not related to the vaccine

(11) Donor (tells of his son); Young man, early 20s, gets his AZ. 1am that night my donor hears odd noises. Goes and checks on his son. His son is wet and convulsing in his bed. My Donor and his wife unsure of what to do call an ambulance. Ambulance take the young man to hospital for monitoring and fluids. He is told it was a seizure, no history of anything of that nature

FYI. In late 2021/ early 2021 we ran a convalescent plasma program. We got donors daily that had Covid and where now recovered. Each one of theses donors (apart from 1 man) either didn’t know they had even had Covid, or developed the mildest of symptoms. Now this isn’t the case with everyone but they were healthy people that got the virus and fough it with ease. I have only heard of 1, maybe 2 stories, of Donors direct contact with someone struggling/ dying with Covid (and I speak openly to hundreds of donors each week, and have for a long time)

My conversations re. Vaccine reactions/ possible reactions mount into the hundreds.

I could write pages and pages of stories.

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